Miss Allstates Midatlantic 2004

The first annual Miss Allstates Midatlantic pageant, held on Saturday, April 24, 2004, in the Grand Ballroom of the William Way LGBT Community Center in Philadelphia, was a resounding success. Over 100 people attended and there were stage managers, lighting and sound crew, videographers, vendors, and other assorted personnel ensuring that the entire production was top-notch.

The countless, sleepless nights of concentrated planning and execution on my part all paid off in the end as each contestant was greeted with thunderous applause. I took a moment to smile to myself, knowing that what was transpiring that night was bigger than I had imagined... the introduction of a new major pageantry system in the Philadelphia area. Never before has a female impersonation pageant been so successful in its first year. The success of this pageant, or any large gala affair, lies in the efforts of all of the hard-working people who helped make the production possible and the support from people who become its audience. I gave an impromptu, heartfelt speech just before intermission congratulating everyone who made this pageant possible and successful. The response was wonderful.

Photos from the evening gown segment are shown below.

Alexis Cartier
New York

Roxy Hammer
New York/New Jersey

Jacklyn James

Keli Dish

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