The Henri David Halloween Ball, Philadelphia, PA

The Henri David Halloween Ball is a Philadelphia tradition started over 25 years ago by Henri David, a Philadelphia icon known for his jewelry as well as hosting various LGBT events. The first balls were small gatherings held in private locations, but over the years the party has blossomed into one of the most well-known and widely-regarded Halloween parties in the world with over 2,500 people in attendance each year. A midnight costume contest is held with trophies and prizes awarded to the best costumes in 9 different categories ranging from Best Celebrity Look-Alike to Most Unbelievably Spectacular.

Here are some pictures of my costumes and some of the people I've met at each ball.

2015 - Geisha
The cutest little geisha at the Henri David Halloween Ball.


2014 - Little Red Riding Hood
'Nuff said! At the Henri David Halloween Ball...


2013 - Sorceress
I wore this for three occasions in one night: trick or treating with kids, a Yelp party, and the Henri David Halloween Ball.


2012 - Post-Apocalyptic Chick
I attended three Halloween parties in the same costume. The first was a Yelp party, the second was the Henri David Halloween Ball, and the third was a videogame tournament held at a friend's house.

Me with Angela Gardner of Angela's Laptop Lounge


2011 - Sexy Samurai
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photo by Redlite Photos


2010 - Glee Cheerleader
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2009 - Sexy Witch
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2008 - Wonder Woman
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2007 - The Sexy Vampire
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2006 - Mickey's Girlfriend
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Me with one of my favorite horror movie icons, Jigsaw

Stop laughing at me!


2003 - Gothic Pixie

How ya' doin', Ed?


2002 - Prom Queen

Are you just happy to see me?


2001 - Lady Marmalade


1995 - Most Beautiful Female Impersonator

In 1995, I won the "Most Beautiful Female Impersonator" contest at Henri David's Halloween Ball in Philadelphia. There were over 60 female impersonators of all ages and ethnic races from all over the Delaware Valley strutting their stuff on the catwalk. With all of the petite Asian queens in the contest, it was a tough competition, but I prevailed because I had the best smile there and I worked my dress like nobody's business!

I have never performed as a "professional female impersonator" prior to winning this contest even though most of the contestants were veteran performers on hormones and had plastic surgery. I have never taken hormones and have never had plastic surgery. The odds were stacked against me from the beginning. Everyone told me I couldn't win, so I had to prove everyone wrong. That makes my win much sweeter because I did it all using what God gave me. I hope I can inspire all of you to believe in yourselves because what I did is proof that anything is possible!

(left) Me with some of my Asian competition, (right) Me with JoAnn Roberts and Jim Bailey