I am Kalina Isato.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York to Chinese parents. I've had thoughts and feelings of being a woman since I was four. God blessed me with certain physical attributes and I've enhanced what I have with skincare, diet, exercise, medication, and surgery. By many accounts and in many ways, I'm complete, but I always strive to be better. That's why I completed my surgeries, everything from LASIK to GRS. That's why I took life skills classes, everything from cooking to yoga. That's why I continue to take college classes, everything from fine art to higher education. I don't want to just be the ultimate woman, for that is a trite and stupid goal. I want to be the ultimate human being.

I was not born into a privileged family, so I had to overcome a lot of the same obstacles that many transsexuals overcame to be who they were destined to be. Every step of the way, I became a stronger person as a result. My children know me as their parent and refer to me by female pronouns. At work, everyone respects me not just as a woman, but as a highly skilled woman. It was relatively easy for my 550 peers to accept me because my being a woman made a lot more sense to them than someone who looked and acted very masculine to begin with.

Some people think I was born with something they weren't born with. The only difference between me and anyone else is I accept my limitations and continually work on improving my weaknesses so they become strengths. Adhere to this philosophy and you will succeed in everything you do.

Here is my timeline:

1968: born
1972 (age 4): self awareness of gender dysphoria
1982 (age 14): self acceptance of gender dysphoria, evaluate likelihood of transition, wore makeup in school
1991 to 2003 (ages 23 to 35): substantial documented evidence of gender dysphoria with online journal and pictures of my transition process (all my years of running this site and making positive contributions to the LGBT community convinced therapists I was genuine)
2003 (age 35): began HRT, laser hair removal, skin resurfacing
2004 (age 36): laser hair removal completed
2009 (age 41): began using current legal name with close friends and school
2010 (age 42): changed legal name on all documents, weekly psychotherapy
2011 (age 43): FFS rhinoplasty, bilateral breast augmentation
2012 (age 44): Gender Reassignment Surgery (vaginoplasty)
2013 (age 45): crico-thyroid approximation, tracheal shave
2016 (age 48): glottoplasty

Many transwomen refer to GRS as their "final surgery," but I see it more as an additional surgery that will make it easier for you to fit into society. GRS is not the magic key to being accepted as a woman in society. It is more important that you look and act the part of a woman in society so that others will be able to see you as a woman. While there exist numerous training services that can teach you to look and act more feminine, the best people to learn from are transwomen who've successfully integrated themselves into society. People like me. Click here to read more about my makeover and transformation services.