Here are some of the letters I receive each day from crossdressers, transsexuals, genetic guys, and genetic girls. Personal details, such as full names, email addresses, and places of residence, were altered or deleted for anonymity.

5-28-17: Dearest Kalina - I can't help it if I'm still in love with you... Stevie

1-15-16: Wow you're fucking sexy. anonymous

1-15-16: You're beyond sexy... the things I'd do! We should grab a drink sometime (; And to be completely honest I just got into yoga like 2 months ago but i only do it by myself in my living room because j don't think I am good enough to go into a class. Maybe you could teach me for some cash sometime. Mike

10-22-15: You look so nice ts bella...kisses from Italy. Anthony

10-15-15: I think you have great talent in photography and you pose in style as a model. I couldn't stop myself giving out "liked" to some your past photos. Just a wild thought, may be you can try to shot for a lingerie photo series, something like Agent Provocateur models. I think that would be very cool and artistic. Joe

10-12-15: Simply put, you rock. Keep up the incredible work. Edward

10-5-15: Hi Kalina, I just want to be one of the many guys who have told you how beautiful you truly are. What a beautiful woman! How can I have my picture taken with you, and then included in the "roster" of gentlemen friends shown on your website? Also, have you ever considered taking a fishing vacation one of these years? Thank you for the opportunity to give you a great compliment. Joe

8-3-15: You are beautiful and I admire what you do. Rick

6-9-15: I wana say you look marvelous! I was searching for cross-dress service in Atlanta and looked at your web site. When I saw your photo I thought what a lucky girl to be so beautiful. Then I read your bio, and found out you are transgender, WOW! I always was confused about my gender too, but my home life never allowed any disclosure. At 46 I went to a therapist about having gender Dysphoria, she basically said make up your mind and do it. But I am an ugly guy on the outside, too old and not enough money, and would not pursue it if I could not be passable. But every time I see the true happy smiles and expressions of joy the faces of girls like you I get so jealous. I am glad that there are people like you in the world who have found your happiess. Bob

5-31-15: Hi Ms.Clairedin..I do admire your(DEVOTION&STRIVE)there are many of us in Austin,Tx which don't experince such"SUPPORTIVE"levels as you but,sending this may enlighten issues for us.Thanks Ms.Claire...WE CHERISH YOUR WEBSITE!! > Carlos

5-23-15: Your beauty is timeless... Steve

5-12-15: Hi kalina, Its so great to see how far you have come since I first chatted with you 9 plus years ago. Go GIRL :). Dave

4-15-15: WOW!!!youre so beautiful. Thank you for all you have done and conttinue to do. I would love to get to know you if you want WOW so pretty. Rick

1-12-15: You are the hottest woman. I am shocked after seeing your pictures. I want to meet you. So thinking to attend one of your party. Ashwin

1-10-15: wow you are the most beautiful, hottest Eagles fan I have ever seen. Edward

10-19-14: You look like the woman that I have been fantasizing of for the last 11 years of my life, since I was 16. When I came across your profile, I could not believe on this resemblance. You have the same face expressions with her and the same body type with her......this is so weird...... it seems you have a twin sister in <country-omitted>, although I have to admit that you look a bit sexier and younger than her. Giorgio

10-7-14: Hi Kalina, Thx so much for accepting my friend request. You are such a role model for us late transitioners. I am relatively early in my transition and have a long way to go yet to reach my desired levels of femininity and passability. Big hugs and love from, Vicki xx

10-7-14: Hey. I saw your pics at tgparties and think you are beautiful. so, maybe a long shot, but are you single? Maybe we can get a drink sometime? I have attached a pic. i am 41, 5'10", 175, shaved head and cute. Keith

10-7-14: I just LOVE YOU. Hugs & Warm Hot Kisses, Pam

10-7-14: Hope you get a chance to view my profile, your very attractive , I am sure you have all of the men throwing themselves at your feet begging for a chance to take you out. Well i am ready to throw myself at your feet right now ....lol You and I have a pretty good match and have alot in common, hope you get a chance to get back to me. thank you, Jay

10-6-14: You're very pretty! Bill

9-30-14: Hey. I saw your pics at tgparties and think you are beautiful. so, maybe a long shot, but are you single? Maybe we can get a drink sometime? I have attached a pic. i am 41, 5'10", 175, shaved head and cute. Keith

8-19-14: This may seem a little forward.. But we should totally make out :) Paul

8-13-14: Hey! How's your week going? You have a killer smile by the way :) badger

8-9-14: Damn you're delicious. Steve

8-8-14: OMG, u are so pretty! Incredible smile, and looks like u have style! I am a mature white guy. I LUV giving massages, ( I know maybe a little creepy) but I LUV the girl I am with to feel great! MSG back! luvemsmall

8-8-14: hey how are you? love your curves...you look yummy. matt

8-6-14: You look yummy i d bet u would fit nicely in my arms. Terry

7-11-14: One of my first few outings in 2007 with Monday Nite TGirls, Kalina Isato your such an incredible, driving force in helping me find me ! Truly an awesome person, and inspiration then and now, thank you ! Larissa

7-2-14: hi, youre that gorgeous transperson from flickr. nice hair! eric

3-4-14: Hi pretty, i realy wish to know you one,i can't take my eyes off your beautiful face.all my life i have been praying for God to give me somebody like you,i can see that my prayer has come through. John

8-16-13: If "Beauty" had a picture it would be a picture of you. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Vince

5-4-13: OMG, You are out of this world pretty! Love to call you. TY Wolf

3-29-13: Hi Kalina you are so so gorgeous xxxxxxxxxxx susiejb

3-28-13: I am just emailing you to say. You are very beautiful!! And I think I love you!! LOL... Duane

3-27-13: My dear Kalina I want to email you and tell you I love you I miss you and I hope your doing fine. No lots happened since I last saw you and I hope your doing fine I think of you often and I really hope that I can run into you when I have the opportunity it's been difficult for me. I'd love to grab you some time for lunch and we can chat and catch up maybe I don't know when but that's a dream of mine in the future I miss you. Take care and know that you are loved. Sincerely your friend in fan for ever John

3-16-13: . . . and you are a lovely woman for all of us to appreciate. Thank you. It is always a pleasure to find your page and be bathed in the rediance that is your smile. Your happiness flows through and the world is a better place for it. You are stunning and appreciated. Sorry I had never stopped by to revel in your charms in person. Stay safe, hugs, Lee

3-8-13: Kalina, you've set a standard that's hard to match, let alone beat! Lori

3-7-13: Hi kalina, how are ya? Thanks for the re-add. I had lost everything when facebook totally blocked me. So i created a new profile with less pics. I looked you back up cuz you still remain an inspiration of what i wish to become. I recall your entire journey what an amazing outcome. I can see your totally happier now. Anyways hope all is well, Celestine

3-7-13: hi kalina.. i admired ur beauty n ur style..baby u r great,hot and sexy..pks add me up i love to knw u... i actually like ur ways ur lips expecially are so great. Lawrence

3-1-13: You are an inspiration. Sara Olivia

2-18-13: So what kind of relationship are you looking for? I mean you look beautiful, you can have anyone you want far as I see. UK

2-18-13: Hello beautiful. I'm more then interested in getting to know you, if I may? I am the Knight in shining armor your mom use to read stories about. I am old school Italian man with values. My name is Johnny. I respect all women as though I would want my mother to be treated. And I love to cook and great at it too:)))) you're my definition of flawlessly beautiful. Johnny

2-4-13: You totally rock as a woman. I'm in awe at the changes you have made in the past four years. The one of BA before and after brings back memories of mine. Love the twins! Lori

2-2-13: I'm sorry to hear about your relationship status. I hope you're ok. You're the entire package so I know you won't be single for long. I just hope the one who comes your way has the same great qualities. Trish

2-2-13: Hi Kalina, I so admire you and love you as a girl and what you have been and continue to be for tgirls in general! BTW, I think you are soooo incredibly gorgeous! Kisses, SherrI

1-31-13: just wanted to say..You are gorgeous! Dan

1-13-13: Dear Kalina, I am such a fan of yours, you are one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen! I love your websites too. Hugs, Pierre

1-7-13: Dear Kalina, I am such a fan of yours, you are one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. I love your websites too. Can i have the honor of being your Facebook friend? Hugs, Pierre

12-26-12: Merry Christmas! Thank you for accepting my friend request. I've known of you for years and I think you beautiful, intelligent and classy ( far more important ). Congratulations on your full transition. I hope that 2013 brings you much success and joy, or at least a great deal of patience and strength to deal with the opposite. Kevin

12-23-12: hello. you are an amazing lady. your so pretty. John

12-15-12: I just got done looking at your photography website. I'm very impressed!! I looked at every page. I don't think I'm your type of guy but doesn't mean we can't chat. I'm not the kind who wants to be seen lol. I like to go out, but I'm not the center of attention. The person I'm with is at the center of my attention though I noticed transgender on your website and your badoo profile. Are you? It doesn't matter to me...I don't judge either way but I do like to learn. I grew up in a small town so I've very ignorant of these things... again, I don't mean to offend. Oh, and btw...you are amazingly beautiful in your pictures. I sincerely mean that. Tom

12-13-12: Hey, big fan of your site, I'm just sorry I found it after the parties were halted. If there's anything I can do to help you start them again let me know. The girls are all beautiful and seem full of life, yourself most of all. At the very least you will have at least one regular guest. Jeremiah

12-6-12: Your motivation and success are a constant inspiration to me! Keep in touch. Olivia

12-5-12: Thank you so much for a lovely evening and for allowing me the opportunity to see you off on your greatest journey. Steve

12-2-12: A bonafide SuperCutie with a cupcake smile! I have NEVER read a more appropriate profile statement. I've seen you on here and on YouTube for years and have ALWAYS been impressed with your attitude and that smile. You must light up rooms when you come in. Your attitude to your trans life is fantastic and such a great light for others to follow or others to learn from. I just had to compliment you on this and by the way your new photos on here are fantastic, you've got such a sexy look and that smile just tops it all off. Hugs, Kevin

11-28-12: hi dear, u looking greater everyday as a woman, so envy. Mabel

11-17-12: u r very sexy n hot i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. My wife also praise 4 u that u r hot. Deepak

11-17-12: That divine smile you own is the kind that would have inspired the all-time great artists and poets. Nels

10-29-12: You're the most beautiful TS I've seen around the area and I hope to get to know you better. phil-e-guy

10-22-12: Hi Kalina, a very pretty name to match a very pretty woman! Barbie

10-15-12: just wanted to say u r a INSPIRATION. Star S

10-11-12: Hi, how are you? I'm Deon and I just have to let you know that I think you are absolutely beautiful and I am in love with your smile. Deon

9-28-12: You are so pretty! I am just starting the transition process and if I could half as pretty as I be very happy. Patty

9-28-12: Hi babe, I love your pictures and love to be like you..you are very lucky girl. Love Jenny

8-30-12: Great smile Kalina. Your beauty shows from inside to outside.xoxo Elizabeth

8-29-12: 1000 watt smile. Katherine

8-17-12: Hey GF, You've inspired me to start a local meetup group here in Central Florida. You make it look so much fun. What advice can you give me and what are the pitfalls? Stay beautiful and thanks you for all you do. Kisses, Camille

8-4-12: Love the dress in your profile pic, it's as beautiful as you are....take care. Barbara

8-2-12: where ever i am who i am with the only person i love is YOU. you are my little angel and always will be. all i can say is that i am missing you like mad and i wish you was here right now. Kennedy

6-11-12: you are a very beautiful woman. Hector

6-5-12: OK....all i have to say is you are one of the most beautiful woman i have ever seen....if i ever get the chance to be in your company im not sure i will be able to put a complete sentence together...lol. I live very near to the Beagle Tavern in Plymouth Mtg and hope one day to be in the presence of your amazing smile. :) Ken

6-5-12: Very nice pics u r so beautiful. Paul

5-24-12: Wow you look so amazing Hun I'm so jealous. Zeoy

5-23-12: Hi Kalina, You indeed made my day and I wanted to thank you. Small coincidence, I did my post grad medical training at Einstein in Philly and lived on the Main Line and later in the northeast. Now I live and practice in NYC. Frankly I liked Philly better. Who knows? Had I met you I might still be there. I look forward to talking to you. Bryan

5-22-12: oh my word youre wonderful saw your art and seen so pics of you my god youre stunningly beautiful and damn sexy wow im like speachless. Douglas

5-20-12: [On my Hot or Not profile, I tell people "Yeah, I'm old, but I look A LOT younger than my age" to which one man said...] Hi young lady. Young yes, you are not old. And you are lookin mighty pretty to me. Some of the 20 to 30 year olds wish they looked like you. Bausman

5-17-12: Hi Kalina, I just wanted to introduce myself and say hi - I've been a big time fan of your posts / blogs for many years. I used to read tgirl talk way back in the day and have seen you around the internet since then. I just graduated medical school and am a Chicago local. I've been a supporter of the trans community since a young age (had a trans girlfriend in college).  I've really liked what you've had to say on your video logs, and I adore your professional photography on your website. You're a real inspiration to the trans community and those of us that are supporters of the trans community. Moreso, you're a beautiful woman and it's been amazing seeing you grow into your own skin so well. If you're ever out towards Chicago, I'd love to buy you dinner. 

5-9-12: Hi Kalina. I'm your fan. I'm also a 46 year old married professional man who is actually a TS woman. I'm Australian Chinese. If I lose 15 pounds to 140, I can pass ok in public. I wish to leave home, leave all my beloved family and go to a small town. I shall then live as a non op female. I love men but i am far more intereeted in women. My aim is to find another similar TS to be romantically involved with me as lesbians and be my partner. The small town could be somewhere in Australia or in Thailand. Do you think that's a good idea? Jessica

5-4-12: Saw you in the Bellevue lobby once, our eyes met, thought we had a moment, but I didn't act on it, because you was with a guy, and wasn't sure if you were a couple. God willing, if there's a next time, I won't hesitate to find out. Kevin

5-4-12: Heyya love your style and website. Im starting HRT later this year, ive vome out to my partner, my work, not family yet, still have lots of overcome but love the inspirqtion your website gives me. I live in tokyo, if your ever poppoing through japan please let me know, would luv to take you out for a meal and a good chat. Kelly

5-4-12: Hi Kalina. You are more beautiful every day. You are beutiful as your mother. And your son is very cute... he looks like you. I know that here is for questions, but I only want say a "hello" for you. Kisses beauty princess. Julia

4-13-12: Yes, I (STILL) LOVE you! xoxoxox John D

4-6-12: My goodness! What a beautiful smile and what a beautiful girl. Did my post grd training at Einstein in Philly. No one was as pretty as you back then. Maverick

4-1-12: Gee... besides I adore you and your looks??? I should look so good. Maybe someday I will get to tranzition :) Cris

3-16-12: you are one hot lady. id love to meet u in person ;) Douglas

3-12-12: Clare, I think you look pretty hot! and yes vlogs are great! Watching and commenting to someone even if they are on the net makes those of us who are alone feel less alone. take care, Jenny

3-10-12: I admire you for doing everything as well that you've done with your family and wife and child, just amazing, you truly are an inspiration! Veenie

3-10-12: Kalina, I've been a fan for a long time. I have been in so impressed by how natural you appear in your pics and videos. I have been so elated by how many ladies that I consider personal heroes that I've been able to connect with and say hi. Leah

2-20-12: Hi Kalina, you are a beautiful woman. Diana

2-13-12: Wow, you're on youtube! Kalina, I was like omfg when I was looking at new youtube videos today and saw your new vid and saw the name, Kalina Isato! We emailed each other wayyyy back in the day, in the early 90s, when you were a 'sexy vampire' :) You were one of the first trans people I ever talked with, and you give me some tips when I was pondering transition. I transitioned in the mid-90s and have been looooong since living my life, but I never forgot your name. And you are looking good, practically as I remember you. People tell me I don't look my age too, which is really nice. Anyway, I just wanted to say 'hi' and cool to see someone from so long ago on Youtube. Traci

2-12-12: Hi Kalina, I must read your book! You are stunning! Hugs, Carla

2-12-12: i thought your Real Me pixs just fantastic! thank you for sharing them! xo, Emily

2-10-12: Kalina, thank you for the great look you gave me at the party last night! I had a great time and can't wait to see the pics. Tiffany

2-5-12: Hi Kalina! I just wanted to let you know that I have seen what you have shared online of yourself over the years, since back when I was in high school, and you have been one of the people that has really inspired me to be who I am today. Thanks dearly for the amazing example you have been for many girls out there I am sure! All the best, Sara

1-27-12: OMG, You're on Facebook!! I've been following your YouTube channel forever. You've been a huge inspiration to me. I want you to know, that role models in the trans community, who can be beautiful, smart, and responsible seem to be hard to come by. Anyway, Just know the affect you have on so many of us. I really hope I can be an inspiration to someone like you've been to me. I think we need more people who can show, yes, I'm transgender, and I'm proud of that. Veronika

1-23-12: I approve of you!!! I just read that section where you said you ate out at Rangoon in Philly, lol. I ate at that exact same place before... and I am Burmese as well. I also read the section titled "Relationships". You forgot to mention that if the guy is already open to being around gay people (I know of many in San Francisco), the chances are very high that he will accept you regardless of what his friends will think and it is highly probable that he would prefer to hang out with the open minded type people, anyway. Miss Dazzler

1-15-12: Hello Gorgeous Hi Just dropping by to say HI and WOW! Soooooooo........ HI!! I would be interested in chatting and perhaps someday dinner/drinks? And......... WOW! You are heartstopping gorgeous! You have an amazing...... uuummmmmmm......... smile!! Yes, that's it..... your smile, No, you did not catch me looking at the picture of your............. What? You say you saw me? No, I.............*sigh* okay, you have a really nice set of............. Eyes!! WAIT!!!! I think I just had a heart attack just now!! Mu.....st ge.....t t.....o a de.....fib.....ril....lat.....or, go.....ing t.....o pa.....ss ou.....tttttttt!!! Vi......si.....on go.....ing da.....rkkkkkkkkkkk............................. Lol I would love to meet for coffee, or a trip to the ER. I am new to the site and have not posted much info, but I am an open book, so if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. Intrigued, Shane

1-20-12: I just want to tell you what an amazing story you have and how awesome you are. Your smile lights up others to smile. I would love to meet someone just like you. It is obvious that you have inspired others. You have inspired me to be me as well. Thank you for your struggles and successes. All the best. WM

1-12-12: oh Kalina........if only it was so easy for everyone [:/] i wish I had your frame sweetie, like most of us do. I came out to mntg a couple of months ago with some friends, but none of us measured out like you do. until my friend told me otherwise, i thought you were gg. Lisa

1-10-12: Kalina, you're a wonderful parent and would make an incredible wife for someone. Johnny

1-9-12: happy new year darling ... i miss u and you are as lovely as ever! love and kisses xxx muah. majiccdtv

1-9-12: I just wanted to say that I think you are just beautiful and I'm getting my surgery done tomorrow, and everything you said was how I was feeling. So thank you. You are awesome!!!! I freaking love you!! Missy

12-31-11: Happy 2012. Hmmmm. You have such nice natural voice. Maybe talk kinda slow & pause. When you smile your voice is very fem. 1luvhot

12-31-11: Wow I've always thought you were a genetically born woman! You are georgous. I'm transgendered and have seen your site, and always for years thought you were female. Well hello fellow girlfriend! Bonita

12-17-11: Love the hair length, in my eyes you are a fashion model! You look incredible with or without make-up, don't completely give up on the red lipstick! Stay positive, 2012 is going to be a great year for you. Johnny

12-16-11: Seeing you happy makes me happy too! I just love every bit of you, now as before! All the best for 2012... Ahoj

12-12-11: I am a devoted fan of urs. U seem to be so much more happier since ur surgery. Love u and ur vids. Keep them coming. UAD

11-30-11: It is always a pleasure to find your page and view your smile. You are, and always have been a beautiful woman and I congratulate you on having the strength to truly become yourself. You are a credit to any and every endeavor you may attempt. So sorry that I never had the pleasure of meeting you. I suppose I have had the time and means, but not the strength. Too bad, too late. I wish you all the happiness of these Season's. I am sure that you have been a good girl so Santa will be extra generous. Enjoy all the this world has to offer. You have earned it. Stay safe. Hugs, Lee

11-5-11: I remember you from Usenet groups in the early 90's. Lost my internet for a few years and forgot about you. I've been reading your site. Glad to see you are alive and well. Thanks for being an inspiration to others. Good luck with your journey, wherever it leads you. Rick

10-10-11: Hi Kalina, just had to let you know that the Sept. pictures with your make up and new clevage has you looking more STUNNING than ever. Your admirer, Wayne

9-30-11: Hi Clare, Just wanted to tell you that I think your new boobs are absolutely beautiful. You look terrific. I'd like to see you in a nice form fitting dress. Hugs, Terry

9-29-11: Hello! I don't know if you remember me, but I met you at your party last year, in July 2010. I just stumbled upon your breast exercise video while searching YouTube because I'm having my own breast augmentation surgery in 5 days, yay!!! Well I hope mine looks as good as yours do, I'm planning on having 450cc silicone implants submuscular through inframammary crease incision. Audrey

9-19-11: Great shots. You look like a lot of fun. Love you beauty and that amazing smile. rutchjm

9-15-11: Thank you for the add, Kalina. I admire the work you do and your generosity of spirit with all you touch. Emily

9-2-11: Hey you been reading your blog and seeing all the new changes you were already smoking hot. What r u trying to do to a man's resistance? Frank [Ed. Note: I'm just trying to be even hotter :) ]

9-1-11: You new breast really look nice. You are a beautiful work in progress. Thanks for sharing your joy with others via video. Congradulation! Clubkabuki

8-31-11: you look amazing! and more importantly sound so happy! lauratmd

8-30-11: mmm i love you darling! so beautiful as ever! I want to really fee lthem! You are truly beautiful! Love to see more! love and kisses xxx muah majiccdtv

8-30-11: Hi. Just want to say you look amazing. And your surgery came out fantastic! dreamz12xx

8-30-11: Most beautiful face and body ever. rs11004

8-30-11: CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so happy for you! You look fabulous! *HUGS* MystiquEvolution

8-30-11: sweetheart u looked amazing before u look amazing now albertjaime

8-30-11: You look WONDERFUL!!!! I am so happy for you and so glad your happy . your smile is so beautiful take care HUGS jennjelly

8-30-11: Wow you look so great I'm so happy for you your the girl of my dreams. Just reach through the screen and slap me those first few frames. Hehe 1luvhot

8-30-11: You look teriffic!  And you also look very, very happy. There is a glow about you that just shines with joy. mlensenm

8-24-11: [in response to Ask Kalina] I really liked the article, and the very cool blog. rtyecript

8-23-11: [in response to my video on breast surgery and voice] I hope all goes well for you. I think you look so amazing. scampa7966

8-23-11: [in response to my video on breast surgery and voice] Congratulations!  I wish you only the best. You look very, very happy and content. mlensenm

8-22-11: [in response to my video on breast surgery and voice]I am very happy for you I hope that everything goes wonderfully rich062965

8-22-11: [in response to my video on breast surgery and voice]you will do fine!! i wish you the best and can't wait to hear how everything turns out. take care, Jenny

8-22-11: [in response to my video on breast surgery and voice]Wow i wish i could say ive helped 4000 people Hmm, change best to better. You look so beautiful now. You'll be even better. Please don't change your voice much. 1luvhot

8-22-11: [in response to my video on breast surgery and voice] You are so beautiful I find it hard to improve on perfection :-) Have a great day. rich062965

8-22-11: [in response to my video on breast surgery and voice] I think your voice sounds fem to me :) elvis3700

8-22-11: I wish you well and hope and pray for a safe operation. I'm sure you and your doctor will decide the right size. I wish that I could see you Monday but sorry I can not. After this you will be fighting away the men, so look out Philly. Love Patty

8-22-11: [in response to Ask Kalina] Really great article with very interesting information. You might want to follow up to this topic!?! classymassy

8-16-11: Hi Kalina, thank you so much for featuring me on the latest set of pics. I was honestly not feeling like my look was working that night, but amazingly you made every pic of me turn out great. You truly have a gift. Sorry you couldn't make it last night. Hope to see ya next week. Love, Madeline

8-14-11: Regarding your February 2011 Sang Kee Duck House review, it's like you're on a mission to save me time and money! Ethica

8-12-11: Omg!!! Thanks so much for your yelp review and best of all the pic of you is AMAZING it brought tears to my eyes I have been trying to take pics but none came out quite as nice as yours! Deneen Marcel Lashes (if you're in Philly and you see her, please tell her that Clare Din referred you!)

8-12-11: I LOVE YOU!!!! Marion

7-28-11: Kalina, I enjoyed meeting you this past Wednesday, look forward to learning more about you in the future-- Oh BTW--- I Love You..... Jessica Ann Goodwin

7-19-11: hi, your gorgeous and i like to say one more thing. you stand out here on HOT OR NOT, sending love n kisses from new york. if you feel this, email me back. xoxo, shon

7-2-11: Kalina, I just wanted to say I think you are a very wonderful person. I am glad I know you and always enjoy just being around you. I wish I knew you better from other places, but I am just grateful you are kool and accept me for who and what I am. Huggs, Nathan

6-28-11: I looked at lots of the pictures and you are by far the hottest. Are you single? Ed [Answer: Of course not!]

6-22-11: Hi Kalina, I'm not going to bore you with the typical tedius emails you receive from men, saying "I'm a billionaire, and I want you to live with me", or "I'm going to be in Philly, because the multi-billion dollar company I run is sending me there..." I won't degrade your intelligence or the fact that you've heard it HUNDREDS of times. I WILL tell you that I've admired you for YEARS on here and other sites, and just wanted to say that you are the reason men like me admire girls like you...you exude femininity and beauty. :) Warmest regards, Rick

6-22-11: I can't help but respect you for your hard work and determination. Well done! Seth

6-19-11: [regarding the video where I'm eating fried Oreos] How can you eat that (it sounds so good) and have such beautiful body.  Geee

6-9-11: you're making me crazy with your summer dress photos, stop it! Marty

6-9-11: You always look so pretty!!!!! Rickie

6-5-11: Your video about the 'transgender umbrella' touched upon something I have given much thought about. I am a male, an old head, who has had a life long interest in the t community. I have long noticed that certain girls tend to divide themselves from others, whereas I do believe that there is strength in numbers. You are correct in that people should look more at what they have in common rather than trying to find differences. I think the error comes from finding whats best for yourself, but thinking that everyone must do the same thing. Or that you are better than those that made different choices. For example, I have seen younger transitioners criticizing those who do so after they have matured. Or another example is ts's who look down upon crossdressers. I think that crossdresser are potentially the strongest supporters of t-girls. I have been an active participant in the H*** A***** discussion board for maybe three years. I know that you have also participated there on some occaisions. Anyway, if there are any discussions elsewhere that I may contribute to let me know. I have been a long time fan of yours, and wish you the best in everything. Yurei

6-3-11: Hey Kalina. I wanted to say thank you so much for your last video. You said the words I have been trying to say for a long time. If I could, I would love to send you another message of some issues that I have. I try to express them to other friends but I get shot down. You seem like a person that would understand and would let me cry on your shoulder. Sincerely, Janet

6-3-11: you probably get this alot and i know its not reallt a question but i just had to tell you that you are gorgeous!! if there was any chance for me to ever get together with you i would take it. ; ) Tony

5-31-11: wow you sure are gorgeous,beautiful,sexy,hot, and pretty..but you knew that right? im 49 single white male here south nj..you like older men i hope? ill tell you..i love you. kevin

5-30-11: Hi baby, just stopped by th say hi. We've emailed once or twice thru USA or maybe hung Angels,not sure. Always super cute pics. I added you as a friend, hope thats ok and stay cute and sexy baby like you are!!...............Donn

5-26-11: hi Kalina, I like your website Trans Vamp, you're really hot! I'm a big fan of yours and would love it if you added me as a friend. Irene

5-26-11: Stunningly Beautiful Is how I would describe you Kalina. I want to thank you for sharing a bit of your lovely self with the world. You truly are an amazing beauty. Hugs and Kisses, Jack

5-26-11: Girlfriend you are like a fine wine. You age beautifully and constantly improve. You are better than gorgeous, you are divine! Love Bobbie

5-21-11: Kalina, First of all, you are lovely. I may be interested in makeup/photo someday if I get the courage. I'm 47 years old and very much in the closet. Zina

4-30-11: Howdy Hi... Hey Supercutie! Wow! I went to your gurls night out webpage (can't remember exact name) and viewed several months of events: what a great service for the community! I wish I lived in the Philly area. Just wanted to say great job at being you! Have a great day! Gina

4-23-11: hi from las vegas, hey i like your webpage, your very beautiful, and your smile is WOW!!!! The gurls you have in your photos are incredible! Justin

4-23-11: Hi, you are a beautiful person and a lovely girl. Are you attracted to men with muscles? I inquire would someone so cute as yourself be attracted to me? Thanks. You are a sweetpea. Tom

4-7-11: I decided to send you a message saying I love you..like you asked in your profile..you are very attractive. Rhonda

4-4-11: By the way, I must tell you that over the years watching you on the net I always found it very difficult to believe that you were not 100% female. No matter what dirty trick nature played on you. You are one of the most feminine people I have ever had the fortune to run into. Much luv, Bobbie

4-3-11: Hi I lovvvvve your book! It's awesome and the best one I've read yet. Thank for writing it! Very helpful! r------------ at yahoo says thumbs up! Rachel

3-17-11: Hi Kalina, Your pictures continue to be stunning including that chest of yours that seems to be developing! Thanks and keep up the great work. Wayne

3-11-11: Hi Kalina, I just wanted to say that I think that you're beautiful and I'm sure that your journey to womanhood was just as beautiful. I want to start my transition as well, and was wondering if you could share some details with me about your transition, and some difficulties you had to go through? I guess I just want a little bit of advice from someone who's gone through it. I hope you're not offended or affronted by this. Hope to hear from you soon and take care of yourself. Sincerely, Raven

2-19-11: I'm a straight male looking for a nice atmosphere where I meet a nice lady as yourself and treat her like the queen she is. I'm just tired all the ads give transsexuals a bad name as money hungry. I want to meet a real lady inside out side is only looks the heart is what counts. Thanks for your time, Tim

2-15-11: Hi (= We have never met, but I am a big fan of yours, and you are a shining example of the happiness I hope to find in my life. Please accept my friendship. Astrea

2-8-11: Dear Kalina: My name is A V M and I am one of your biggest fans! I'm a teacher/photographer/author/pawnbroker. I have a BA in ----- and teaching credentials in ----- and -----. My major area of study is ----- core curriculums and -----; my minors are ----- and -----. Currently, I reside in -----. However, I have traveled all over the world. I hope we can meet up one fine day. I am single, have no family, and no hangups or hassles. Please be so kind to reply, if you wish. Thank you. Kindest regards, A

2-8-11: Hi Kalina you are very beautiful now if you was ever in Williamsport Pa I love to go eat some chinese food with you I would even buy. JJ

1-11-11: hi from bklyn, ny...im a big fan of your utube..is your ever in nyc...id luv 2 meet u.. diane g

1-4-11: wow so bubbly and beautiful i just had to say hello and if you could give me positive note that would be well received i just love your energy. marty

12-23-10: I stumbled upon your website. I am not sure why but i am sexually attracted to "passable" asian tgirls. i'm sure you can have your "pick of the litter" but i was hoping that maybe you'd be interested. i know it's a long shot but if you reply i can send pics right away. mike

11-8-10: Hey I'm new to the area and have no freinds in the area and I'm very nervous about comin out tonight bi myself . I have always been straight but have recently discoverd that I am very attracted to tranvestites and transgender and shemales. Mostly passable ones like yourself. lol ok I'm not into men no one knows this about me please feel free to email me. not sure why I'm sending this lol, Nick

10-27-10: love the video's you ladies are all lovely one monday evening i will have to show up to make friends. im love the way you are all fearless and your spirit is illuminating. im searching for the a friend who has a spirit which reveals thier true inner being. lol and im a guy who loves fun to. see you all there one monday evening soon. jack

8-31-10: wow pretty delicate and you armwrestle..lol.. ready.. come to scottsdale, and just for fun..lol.. let's armwrestle. al

8-22-10: wow ur incredibly beautiful.i cud fall in luv wit u. mi3vfj****

8-21-10: Just wanted to say i found u on youtube and ur videos r amazing! im a straight male but def would like to try out this club u work at!! hit me back. im 25.m from boston ma. i find u very attractive ;) Chris

8-12-10: Dear Kalina, If I may say, you are a very beautiful girl. Bye Volkert.

8-10-10: Hi Kalina i found your website on youtube and and think you are fabulous, the way you present yourself and make other crossdressers welcome and help them with questions on your site is brilliant no other website ive seen matches it. Anyhow just thought id say hi from one crossdresser to another love ya girl and if im ever in the usa ill look you up. love greg from down under xx

7-26-10: Wow Kalina, you get sexier by the day. Rob

7-9-10: I hope someday to work up the courage to come to a party! I don't have a ton of confidence! I always admired your look and think you are amazing! Thanks for all the work you do!! Vivienne

7-9-10: You are just so organically feminine, I look good as a girl but have to work way too hard. Michelle

7-7-10: love your site and pics i live in the philly suburbs and would love just to meet you cause you give me the inspiration to bring out my fem side and would love to look as pretty as you, thanks for your time. love, sean

7-4-10: Just wanted to pass along my compliments, I'm sure you get hundreds of these a day. I've been fortunate to meet one of the girls in your photos of the parties and I will tell you I've met no greater lady. I love what you do, and who you are. You must be an inspiration to those who live such a difficult lifestyle. I love you all. Mike

7-2-10: Hi Kalina, I just wanted to comment how absolutely stunning you are! I have been following you for a few years and the scene since my days living in NYC where I am from like you in Brooklyn most of my life and Queens. NYC used to have some great TG/CD clubs and my introduction to this wonderful scene and the sexiest woman around. Where in Brooklyn did you grown up? I would love to meet you someday hopefully soon I can come to Philly on a Monday it would be a thrill to see you, and you do look better and better with age and so natural now more than ever. Best to you XXXOOO Chris

7-2-10: Hi Kalina, I added you as a friend and hope you add me as well. I really enjoyed you public fotos, especially the costumed ones! Love, Dan

6-9-10: Love your website and videos. Keep having fun. Some day I will make your parties. Thanks for your efforts. John P

6-8-10: I accidently stumbled across your site by mistake last night. I just could not leave for the office this AM without remarking about both your incredible journey, your wonderful spirit and of course your beautiful, BEAUTIFUL body! Thanks for sharing yourself with the world! Steve

6-4-10: Please let your hair grow back longer. You looked GREAT with it at shoulder length. Also when you wore the dark red wig way back that color looks Great on you also. Thank you for many excellant photos. Will you be coming out with more videos in the future I have a couple and find them very informative. THANK YOU and have a great day. Cyndi T

6-3-10: Hi, I'm Jeff from DC. I really love your videos and love your face and voice. Wish I can take you out on a date one day. Hugs. Jeff

6-3-10: I want to thank you for all of your help with my daughter's senior project. I believe your professionalism really put her over the edge in her grade. Again, Thank You. Yvonne

5-27-10: wow i just saw the hair video i feel like you made that just for me. if this ain't love then why does it feel soooooooo goooooooood! Paul

5-22-10: i saw your video about your voice, i hope you find the voice you are looking for! but let me just say, you really are kawaii! Lulz (Editor's Note: kawaii = supercute)

5-12-10: I think that your group of lovely people is great. You have done some wonderful work. You have given me strength to come out at Shangrila. I would love to meet you some day. Yes. I think that you are hot n sexy. Charles

5-10-10: Kalina... You look... Wow. Amazing. The new look. Seriously. Just, wow. You look like a super cute tinkerbell. I have to show these photos to my super religious catholic friend and see what he does when he gets turned on and I fuck with his head. It's always funny doing this to him. But seriously. More photos. AND MORE SMILES! Mikel

4-27-10: I found myself back looking at your photos on your portfolio page again tonight. I really liked "Comic Book Girl". Too cute and the use of color was wonderful. And still, so much, I like the photo of your nude back. The back is like a map. And there is an intimacy and a sexiness and a vulnerability to the back. I also scrimmed through your blog and was surprized/pleased that you had mentioned my book gift. I also enjoyed reading your passion for photography. It was also kind of intimidating. You seem to have so much going on and that is intimidating to me on lots of levels. I am also impressed by your energy and that you are doing so much. Paul.

4-26-10: Just wanted to say that Kalina should continue to let her hair grow. The longer it gets the CUTER SHE GETS and She looks GREAT in that long black dress last week. Thank you for keeping up the great work on your sites. Cyndi

4-26-10: I have made it a point to read through your ask me, evolution and blog sections of your websites. If you're going to write, I'm going to read :) Am not going to lie, I was first attracted to photographs, however, as I uncover more and more about you, I can see us becoming really good friends - food buddies, photo junkies and fellow geeks. I'd like to add eclectic taste and discussion to the list of temptations. David

4-24-10: With each new photo you impress me more and more, its not what you wear, but how comfortable you are in your own skin - the world can learn a lesson. David

4-05-10: I wish my IT person looked as good as you. Martin

3-25-10: Hi Kalina, I had to shoot you a message for two reasons: first, it seems that our orbits MUST HAVE coincided for a bit in '89-'90 in Philadelphia - my home for almost a year, when I was a doorman/deejay at The Bank - and a Sunday night go-go boy at Revival. So surprising that I never met you back then...I am certain I would have remembered you! :-) Also, I am one of many fans of your arm-wrestling matches, and I hope you'll make more. There is nothing sexier than TG muscle. Here in LA, where I live now, I always encourage my Thai TG friends to flex more, but it's considered by many of them to be so unfeminine to have noticeable biceps. Thankfully, and due to wonderfully fit babes like yourself, that attitude is becoming a thing of the past and muscle is acceptable. It's partly because so many women have it now! For whatever reason, Asian TG bodies are the cutest, and muscle looks best on you all! It's still feminine, yet very curvy and shapely. Keep flexing, and I hope to attend one of your fun parties when I get out of grad school... Jarkin

3-23-10: God gave you quite a face and a talent. orion

3-23-10: (about your wabbit voice) hi kalina.... just few days that i am in tgirltalk and i became an enthusiast admirer of you... i know you must be used to it anyway i like your eyes and your smile alot, and i mean really alot, and also i think you are a funny a smart person. enrico

3-9-10: Hi Kalina, I saw some of your photos from the link in your sig and wanted to tell you please don't ever stop. You're very talented and your art is very fresh and interesting to me! cheers, AL

3-1-10: (regarding my hair blowdrying video) oh i love the winnie the pooh... and I like that little dryer too... everything is so cute in your world, and your smile is like an egg white it is so clean and pure... iamtod

2-26-10: Bonjour, Kalina, Je te remercie bcp pour tes belles vidéo et autres photos. J'envie beaucoup ta beauté et ta féminité et d'imaginer un bisou de toi me ravirait... a lot of!!! (yeahhhhh! lol!) mon mail, car j'ai envie de t'envoyer une image de moi! Alors à très vite j'espère! Bisous tendres, Maruska

2-12-10: I loved your last Goth Party!!!! Those pants you wore...just hugged you in all the right places. Exciting dear.......Charlie

2-10-10: Just wanted to say THANK YOU for all your great photos and videos. I think your great for all your doing and the videos and books you have produced. I have purchased your makeup video and have learned a lot. Again THANK YOU. Cyndi

2-10-10: Happy Birthday ... you just get prettier....... and yes its mine too but I dont get prettier :) Bob

2-10-10: Dear Kalina... Before it slipped to far away I wanted to wish you a happy birthday... all the best sweets. Bert

2-10-10: Hi Kalina, hoping that you had a very happy bday with wonderful presents and moments! Hugs, Shelly

2-10-10: Dear Kalina, I hope your birthday is as special and beautiful as you!!! Hugs! Bobbie

1-22-10: I love you! { Did I get that right ? } Loveya, Frankie D

1-18-10: I cant ever get u out of my mind.....i look at your website everyday....u are so damn beautiful and have such a great personality. Shawn

1-15-10: Hi K, I'm an NJ cd'r and a fan of yours since the 90's. Gina

1-12-10: Hey kalina, you are incredibly attractive. I was @ camac last night sitting on the bench while you where taking pictures..dont know if you remeber but you have a stunning smile! it makes me smile lol Paul

1-9-10: Hi, I'm a long time fan of yours, and your website. I've gotten some great femme tips on there. We've chatted a few times on URNA but its been ages and I'm not on there much any more. Anyways, saw you and realized I hadn't talked to you in a long time. I hope your well. Shawna

12-26-09: Hey Kalina, how are you? I saw your urna page and i have to tell u i think ur gorgeous :) Damien

12-21-09: hi hi gorgeous. you are so beautiful. i wanna marry you...lol. just kidding.. i would like to know you better. if you are interested please lets chat on: xxx@xxx.xxx. looking to hear from you soon. thanks. Saad

12-18-09: Kalina, You are a truly beautiful and intelligent woman. Erica

12-14-09: You're as good as it gets. Damian

12-14-09: Kalina, Good evening. I enjoyed your photography presentation/discussion on Friday 12/11. More importantly, I enjoyed catching up with you. You are so beautiful, elegant, charming and intelligent! I am so happy that you have taken the necessary steps that will bring you closer to your true self. You are a leader and an advocate for transgendered individuals. Your passion for transgendered individuals is impressive and contagious! I have so much admiration for who you are and what you stand for. I hope that we will stay in touch. One of my New Year's resolutions is to attend a Monday Night TGIRL party at T.O.C.! In the meantime, I want to wish you and your family a delightful Holiday Season! Mika

11-6-09: Hello Kalina, I just joined the group (Monday Night Tgirls), saw you, and thought I GOTTA GET IN TOUCH.... you are absolutely beautiful.... WOW Peter.

11-5-09: Just adore you. You must have many many male admires who want to be you love conection. Sexy is not the word. A beautiful sensuous lady. The best legs ever. Love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Tim

11-3-09: Kalina, It was a pleasure hanging out with you last night. Its been a long time since I've hung out with the girls. Thank you for making me feel welcomed! Hugs & Kisses Daisy

11-3-09: hi Hi Kalina just wanted to say your pics are stunning Im at the Jersey Shore and would love to hear from you. Mike

10-28-09: Just wanted to say hello Kalina. I've followed you for quite some time and wanted to tell you to keep up the great work. You certainly are an inspiration to all of us in the transgendered community. I live in Newtown, Bucks County and hope to get to one of you events sometime soon. I really need to start getting more involved in the community. Thank you so much for everything! Love, Alani

10-20-09: stumbled onto your channel and that video of you blowdrying your hair- never thought blowdrying could be a sensual activity, but you really had fun with it and flirting with the camera- not much to do to top that ; artfully done! best of luck in your studies and career- tseltz

10-20-09: Hi Kalina - I just wanted to drop a short note to tell you how much I enjoyed your profile and photos. Even better, you're local. From good food to the great city of Philadelphia, it seems we share more than a few mutual passions and if you're interested, I'd love to get to know you better. Best, Sean

10-16-09: Hi Kalina, Good to talk with you earlier. What can I say, I'm a complete fan. I used to check out your site years ago when I started uni back in 95. You look so much better now, sexy, feminine and very natural. Alan

10-14-09: i love the latest pics of you in your gown. i like when you pulled it up too in that one pic. i hope you don't mind me saying that you are one of my most favorite out of all the girls there.xoxo hon i hope you did'nt forget about me :) Dynasty B

10-10-09: U are very sexy hot and Beautiful!! would luv to meet u live and in person!! Tony D

10-7-09: The (Transsexual Women's) hands are a fascinating study, but I must say, you have the most feminine hands of any tgirl I know, Kalina! (But you knew that already.) Ecstatic

10-6-09: I´ll be very glad to meet you, a very beautiful lady. Osvaldo

9-24-09: (regarding my new haircut) I think your new hair-do looks great! The flips are sexy as hell!!!! Charleston

9-23-09: (regarding my new haircut) Wow! Very chic! Classy with an element of sassy, I like it alot! Great choice. Jordan

9-22-09: u really sooo hot i wish have any messenger to talk u alot and know u more. love and peace, nart

9-21-09: You my dear have read my mind. How did you do that? Since your book passable was first openly discussed, I thought heavily on the topic that you now put into words. Stealth vs. Passable Can we truly be stealth or can we at best hope for passing acceptance. I think the later is more likely but you took it beyond (as usual). Never give up who you are. You have been what made you as you are. Kudos to your positive and inspiring message. Tammy

9-16-09: Hi Kalina, thanks for the reply.. I went to your web page,, your so beautiful.. Even back when you started.. You've been on HRT for a pretty good while I see. Its good that you started early.. By looking through all of your pics and blog,, you have been through a lot.. I truly envy you so much.. I still have a long way to go,, and hope to see some changes soon.. Michelle

9-16-09: Hi Kalina, my name is Tim, I'm a 41 year old guy based in New York, though originally from Europe. I came across you in a thread on HA, and thought your picture was very cute, and from there looked up the links in your signature, which led me here. I would just like to complement you on a thoroughly informative and positive site, all of which seems infused with your frank, honest opinions and wicked sassy humor. Not to mention the many spectacular, candid pictures of yourself and others; You are absolutely spot on when you say your smile "lights up the room". Great stuff, thanks for reading this :) regards, Tim

9-12-09: TS Caramel said in her Twitter: "I was extremely impressed by transsexual Kalina Isato and tossed up a little biography: http://tinyurl.com/m2j2se"

9-11-09: I have never seen a prettyer looking or more attractive girl than u. Tedd

9-9-09: Hi Kalina, Some time back I was chatting with you and I probably came across like a slut. I wanted to apologize to you for that. You may not remember but I do and I've been meaning to ask you to forgive me for being so shallow. I'd like to think that I'm better than that, maybe it was the pink fog or my pantyhose were on too tight. Over the past several months I have watched several of your videos, read your profiles, blogs, comments etc.....you are a very amazing lady, not to mention beautiful (inside and out) and it made me realize that I needed to ask if I could start fresh. I lived outside of Philly for several years back in the early 1980's. Actually I'll be in that part of the world again in 3 weeks. I have scheduled makeover in Bethlehem and will hopefully venture out to Diamonz or a club in that area. I have always chickened out before but watching your Monday Night TGirl Parties has given me new courage. Unfortunately my makeover is on Tuesday 10/6 so I'll miss my chance to meet all of the lovely ladies on Monday night. Anyhow, I've digressed. Please accept my humble apology. Hugs, Bobbie

9-5-09: Many women are nothing without their hair, but this is not true for you, because you've been blessed with so many other features, and a hairstyle is sort of superfluous in your case. You could do a Sigourney Weaver and shave it off and you'd still be unmistakenly female, or you could be any of the 3 and you'd look great, but if I had to choose, I'd like to see you try #1. phobun in response to Choose My Next HairStyle

8-27-09: wow.. kalina always looks good enough to eat... in still pics and in vids she causes blood pressure spikes. barbadosman

8-26-09: Hi Kalina! WOW! You ARE gorgeous!! I'm part tranny chaser and part want to be a crossdresser. I'm in my late 50s- I've dressed before, lots, but only in the closet. What are your thoughts for me? Love ya Beautiful, Don

8-19-09: Kalina you look great and your smile is unmatched, bar none! Jordan

8-15-09: HI i am francis from easton, pa. i am an admirer/friend. ur pictures r very beautiful. francis

8-14-09: what a cutie! hobby_nyc

8-14-09: WOW, I need to get into the city more! curtnj_bi

8-10-09: Hi Kalina, I am a big fan of how you get out there and get people fired up. I have gone to the laptop lounge a couple times (my only times out in public) ...and missed you once there by one week. Maybe one of these days I'll get my nerve up enough to go the the Monday night event in Philadelphia. traci

8-5-09: Hey Kalina - Mimi here. Looking good as always. I bought your videos back some time ago and I still watch time to time to refresh my make up skills! Mimi Lee

7-30-09: omg WOW! Your legs could raise the dead. hmass

7-30-09: You are gorgeous. I loved your hairblowing video so fem and cute. It just makes you more legitimate, in my opinion, doing what other genetic girls do. And you do have gorgeous hair and complexion and a cute petite figure. alatl

7-30-09: For all the many, many times I've seen you online, I've never told you how much I enjoy your YouTube vids. It's great stuff! Bob

7-30-09: WOW your legs don't end :) Mark

7-27-09: your very hot. James

7-21-09: Dear Kalina, I had a great time at the Monday night T-girl party. You are a delightful woman and I enjoyed every minute that we had breakfast together at the diner. When I was in High School I didn't go to the Prom either, I actually went to the movies that night. Now despite our age difference if we were in High School now, I would immediately make you my sweet Heart and take you to the prom. You would be my Home Coming queen. So Sweet Heart take care of your self and I am looking foward to seeing you next Monday. Jason

7-20-09: It was great meeting you tonight... you are an amazingly sexy and intelligent person...talk to you next time... Jamie

7-19-09: Hi Kalina, I am a closet cd, been that way all my life, just wanted to take the opportunity to tell u that I admire u so much , and u are absolutely beautiful hun, an inspiration. cdintn

7-5-09: Will u ever bring ur party to Los Angeles, Cal? I would love to see the high heel nights. Please show clips on youtube on the high heels. I am a lesbian into hot tired nylon feet and would love to see clips of those, especially yours in nude/pantyhose. Please come 2 los angeles with those sexy elegant high heels and tired feet. Also ur clips are gr8, u r so sexy. Pati

6-30-09: Dear Kalina; Just a short note to thank you for the great makeover and the fun after. Even though was only second time at the club and tgirl nite, Was so very much fun and is nice to know that a girl has a place to go and have fun and of course gossip about boys (LOL) Didn't want to remove face last nite, but know that sleeping in makeup is not a good thing. So today since was just lining up loads to make a little money with after morning coffee, tried to do what you did last nite (Hmmmmm?) not as good but with lessons from last nite am a lot better. NO BOZO!!! Thanks again and when in town I'll go clubbing in Philadelphia.Thanks also to all the girls too for being friends, it's totally cool. made boo boo in dates of school girl hope I'll be home for that one. And promise to keep smiling and trying give myself hour glass figure. Thanks again, Danielle

6-7-09: I do want to say that from Toronto Canada I Love you and I would Love to get to know you better. I know you are busy and dont have the time for it but I just wanted you to know. Brad

6-2-09: just stumbled across your site. I have to say you are really pretty in a striking way and that trademark smile. I have to be twice your age but you turn my head! Wow! Bob B.

5-30-09: just wanted to say keep up the GREAT job, plan on coming to monday nights again soon!!!!!!! Luke

5-29-09: You have some great stuff in those portfolios. This? that? or both? That's not important. You not only have the talent but also access to a sub-culture in need of some sensitive and caring documentation. It would make for a great book. Al

5-27-09: I'm emailing to say I 'heart' you. You are a naturally beautiful girl. I hope you achieve everything that you desire. Tony

5-27-09: I read about how you developed your "transvamp" look in an article in Transgender Community News, and I've applied as many lessons as I can from what I read there to the Gothic look I've put together for preforming. I found the things you said about proportionality - how dramatic a look should be - especially insightful. Megan

5-23-09: You are a very beautiful girl. Fluffy

5-23-09: I just saw the pics from 5-18. You are so sexy with your black mini-skirt Kalina.That was an eye-opener. I mean that tastefully mind you,dont want to sound vulgar but wow,you look good in a skirt. Kevin

5-17-09: The camera loves you! John M

5-17-09: You very hot darling wish you were single and lived in the UK. Scott M

5-5-09: I am not gay but you make a very attractive woman. JT

5-5-09: Hi Kalina, just wanted to say thank you for such a pleasant evening. I loved talking with you. You are adorable and have such a friendly way about you. Stay well, you run a great party with great people. Frank

4-29-09: Hi Kalina! Thanks SO much for the mention in your blog! I am still floating! I hope to make it back to MNTG as soon as I can. Maybe this time it won't be raining? ;) Also I hope to see you soon! You are so much fun, you imp! :) Sophie

4-26-09: i love u boo and i really like what i see. scotty

4-25-09: Of course I love you. What red blooded male wouldn't love you. mobygrp

4-20-09: For years you have been a dream girl of mine you are so hot i would absolutly love to chat with you and your clothes are fabulous! Lilly

4-14-09: Hello babe am tony from liverpool england you look lovely the best looking girl i have ever seen i would marry you princess. Tony M.

4-14-09: Very impressive web site. I had a great time at your party monday nite. I am looking forward to attending more parties and coming out dressed with the rest of your pretty friends. Bill

4-7-09: Hi Kalina, I cannot believe it took me this long to connect with you on Flickr. I was thinking of you just the other day. Of all things, I was listening to a BBC radio show on the early days of the Internet and world wide web. You are, I believe, the very first transgendered girl I ever corresponded with. It was back around 1995, during the days of all text and binaries. I don't even remember what I posted to the L-serv we were both on, but you responded. :-) Here's to you, a beautiful girl! Hugs, Kayla

4-1-09: Hi from queens ny. you look sooo good I like your youtube movies alot. Jt

3-14-09: You're super sexy.....very hot and beautiful. Unique smile..and irresistible...can i be your friend......? fernando

3-9-09: hi ..love ya work - your updates on your parties are so cool... and may i say you are soooooo sexy /cute - you really carry your self well, sexy but never too far to slutty, oh and a cute voice. OK sorry getting to crazy but again thank you for all you do... you're the best xoxox. Emma

3-9-09: Hi there most beautiful woman in the TG world... you are looking better than ever! I have seen you here for years...and every time your eyes and smile and whole persona...personality is stunningly captivating and you have such fine ways abotu yourself that represent quite well...you are a goddess,,, a statue of femininity and all that is sensual William

3-9-09: hi ..love ya work - your updates on your parties are so cool ..and may i sayyou are soooooo sexy /cute - you really carry your self well,sexy but never to far to slutty ,oh and a cute voice.OK sorry getting to crazy but again thank you for all yo do.. your the best xoxox. Emma

3-1-09: hey there supercutie! glad to get to see your pics you keep up the good work you are soooo adorable and so sexy, love that smile! flipper baby

3-1-09: hey youre really pretty :) i pass through philly a lot so maybe i can get to one of those parties you do. anyway, just saying hi. hi :) buzz

2-27-08: Hi Kalina - thanks so much for sharing the photo! It was so good to meet you last night and I would love to hang out soon. You're so gorgeous :) Have a great weekend- Carrie

2-26-08: Kalina I had to say that you are a ravishing beauty with eyes which casts a spell on you and gorgeous smile that could ignite a thousand hearts. The person I see in your pictures is a total knockout and I wouldn't hesitate to say could make any woman envious any day of the week. You have such an wonderful collection and your photos are very alluring and with every new photo you post you always seem to amaze your fans. What I've seen of you is superb and hope to see more terrific photos in the future. If you could you see it in your heart to add me to your friends or family that would be great. I wanted to give you this compliment so I hope I didn't offend you in any way. Have a terrific week!!! Your fellow flickr'r admirer, jojo

2-15-08: Hi Kalina, I wanted to say thank you for making my Friday night so special. Of course I always enjoy any time I spend with you because your so classy ,intelligent, and just downright hot. I'll double-check my schedule and research some restaurants so I can take you to dinner mid-week (either this coming week or next). Take care Kalina, Chris

2-12-08: (in describing me) Searching the Internet by chance I came across this Asian cutie a girl full of mischief, versatility, and a personality that makes her stand out among all. Amolo

1-24-09: I just wanted to email and say I heart you ;-) People ask me for advice a lot on cross dressing and I'm just not that good at giving it. I always send them your way because anything I might tell them (and much more) they are bound to find here. Besides, I'm still learning myself! So I just wanted thank you for all you do and for just being you! Hope you are having a great day :-) xxooxxoo Delia

1-5-09: Thanks for your help I always love reading your column (Ninja Beauty Secrets). Love , Doris

1-4-09: Kalina, I am a 60 year old lifetime t girl, you are an inspiration to us all your poise and beauty are wonderful,I live in south jersey and would love to go to see yo on a monday night, are od girls welcome. Bobbie

1-3-09: I just wanted to say you are very beautiful!!!! I am a close friend of "Veronica" her in Atlantic City New Jersey. Love your pics you take my breath away. All my love, Steven

1-1-09: two comments i think you are very good looking and hope to meet you at a party soon. Edward

12-31-08: ... you in jeans leaning against a mirror, vision that drives me insane. Stone

12-30-08: Kalina... just wanted to tell you how great was spending time with you girls on the MNT at the TOC. I enjoyed meeting again with you all and being part of the party. You and the girls are very good hosts. Daniela

12-28-08: Kalina, I've sent you a few e-mails before thanking you for all your support and what you do in the community. So, this just another quick note, that you are not only super cute, but also wonderfully friendly, and you have a kick-ass site with great tips and ideas. Thank you, and btw, damn your pics are awesome! Shawna

12-26-08: Supercutie is the right description for you, lovely Kalina. You and all the ladies looked just spectacular that night. You all be sure to have a great new year and please take care. Gina Marie

12-25-08: I enjoy watching your videos on having fun in Philedelphia. keep up your great spirit live each day as the best day of your life. Have a wonderful holiday. DaniellePurr

12-23-08: Hi your amazing. guy2run

12-23-08: you are so hot. I was just looking at the link to your Monday night T girls. you are so freaking sexy :) hope all is well. Tom

12-21-08: I love you. Probably for over 10 years now. Mike H.

12-10-08: Your smiling face,glowing,in your photograph.With painted fingernails spread in an exquisite modeling pose.You almost take my breath away with your loveliness. Russell

12-9-08: Hi Kalina, I had a great time last night and I just wanted to thank you oh yes your still the most beautiful lady at the party. Thank You. John

12-8-08: Kalina, you are so beautiful and I am find your site and its wonderful all about your life. Congratulation for to be a wonderful person. Mayra

12-2-08: just e-mailing you to say hi,we met a few month ago at jon place,I haven't had a chance to say hi to you,and how you doing.gudge!! kalina you look so buitiful,I which I get the opportunity to see you again,so we chat in person,love your smile,it realy turns me on..well I have to go,i'll see you,muaaa Frankie

11-18-08: Hi Kalina, I just want to say that I had a great time last night and thank you for all you do. John

11-5-08: Just gotta say that I've never found you looking better than I did on this picture. Take it as a compliment! Juan

11-2-08: Hi Kalina, I stumbled upon your site and decided to drop a line. You are gorgeous! Not trying to ask you out or anything, I've become increasingly attracted to tgirls over the years and I may act on my curiosity by attending your Monday night function. Take it easy and have a nice one. This is no joke, I'm just a regular guy. psmith

10-27-08: Hey Sweetie. I really appreciate what you do for us T-girls and cross-dressers! Have a wonderful day and fun 'Monday Night' baby. WT

9-20-08: Kalina, Hi! I attended one monday night party a while back; I don't get "out" much at all. I've chosen to accept a double life at this time.Although I was really quiet and kept to myself at the one party I did attend, I really did enjoy being there, being out, and being among our people. You looked stunning as did most of the girls, I felt a bit less so, since my makeup skills arent very adept. Thanks for listening and caring. Yours truly, Beth

9-15-08: You are SUCH a cutie, I love your playful style :) spacial_shading


9-9-08: hi kalina its me mike from last night. just wanted to let you know that i wont be able to make your bar crawl. i will be down the shore. i hope to be in the phila area on the 15th. well i have to go just wanted to say hi, and you are very hot. mike

9-4-08: That photo of you in the pink... insanely beautiful... heartstopping actually. Bob

8-30-08: Kalina you are the most beautiful Tgirl ever. So natural and such a stunning girl. Beautiful legs and so sexy. Without question a very sexy girl. Would love to escort you anywhere. Love you, xxxx Tim

8-28-08: Hi Kalina! I am so grateful for all you have done and are doing for us t-girls! For so long I thought I was alone. I hope to be a part of the Philadelphia t-girl scene forever. I have been thrilled to attend the Monday Nights for t-girls at Camac in August. Once agian, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do! Love & kisses, Penny

8-23-08: Hi, how are you? First of all, let me say you're absolutely lovely. The reason I'm e-mailing you is I just want to know more about you and Monday Night Tgirls. I'm male, not looking to change that, but I'm very understanding to transsexuals, transvestites, etc. I've always been drawn to gender bending, and very sympathetic to those that have to go through it. Society can be really intolerant, and i've seen it. So, I guess I just want to know more about the culture, the lifestyle, meet the people. I don't have an in, you know what i mean. I want to show my support, and possibly meet someone. I did already read the "about me" section of your website as well as "my evolution" section and I haven't read every blog entry, but I'm working on it. You are a beautiful woman, and I truly do admire you and everything you do. People define their own beauty, and you're living proof of that. You're an inspiration to all people. I'm officially a fan. I have had issues with gender identity in my life, and after years of serious soul searching, I found comfort in being me. In my searches I did come to find a spiritual kinship with the trans community, and I've come to see the true beauty in it. You see, when someone is true to themselves, and allows their outward persona to reflect their inner being, then I see them as they truly are, and that's it. When i see you, i see a beautiful woman, (beautiful and cute!). The first info I found on you was actually when I was searching for any type of tg party/event/gathering in or around the philly area. That's how I found the website for Monday Night TG party, which i want to go to. The only thing was i don't want to go and not know anybody there, and feel like an outsider. I'm introverted and meeting new people is sometimes awkward for me. Plus, I wasn't sure if it was invite only, or open to the public. But, basically, I just wanted to contact you, let you know about me, and find out more about the parties. Kevin

8-22-08: Hello Kalina.. i'm Cristina... Hello from Italy by me.. Cristina. I'm a 40 years old transgender and i want to do my compliments to you! You are so feminine and very funny! A real woman. When i see your reports in the disco club for me is always an emotions! Please don't stop to do it. Kiss ("Baci" in italian language) Cristina

8-20-08: Hi babe my name is eileen i'm from chile and i love your pics and style..your videos is so sexy. i see in youtube. you are the most sexy ts at i see. in your webpage...kalinaisato.com you have a sexy pics in very sexy high heels tell me please where do you buy and what brand is that...because i love the model. eileen

8-17-08: Hi Kalina, I just wanted to say I think you are beautiful. I am a 28 yr old admirer in maine and watch the Monday Night Tgirls on youtube, and I think you are fine. I hope everything is going well, and you should plan a trip to maine, Dave

8-14-08: Hi Kalina - Thanks so much for the nice recognition in your blog. That was really nice of you. Also a big thanks for your kindness and consideration on the video and pics. See you next time. Best, Jack

8-12-08: Hi Kalina, I've been browsing your sites and I just must tell you that you are AbFab - quite possibly the most beautiful TGirl I've ever seen. I'm so jealous !!! XOXO, Pamela

8-11-08: That new photo of you (in the pink kimono) is beyond stunning... beautiful and touching... devastatingly gorgeous. Bob

8-2-08: u r stunning. i would love to contact u thru e-mail. love, Eli

7-31-08: (from the guy who armwrestled me) Hola mi amor, I just saw the pics, I was trying to let you win ;-p, they look beautiful..... Will

7-25-08: Thanks for calling me a "class act" in your blog. That's a real compliment coming from you: a classy, sophisticated lady. Chris

6-27-08: Dear Kalina, thank you so much for organizing Monday Night Tgirls. I am visiting Philadelphia only for a week and your event allowed me to make new friends instantly. Thanks for this wonderful event. I definitely will join your She Dazzle pub crawl for some pubs and drinks. Best wishes, Cindy

6-19-08: hello to the most beautiful asian woman in the world!!! how are you... i send you my best wishes hope you are well! william

6-15-08: I love you and all of the monday t-girls. slmmca

6-14-08: Dear Kalina, You saved my life - literally. I was reading about you and your cancer story saved me. I was experiencing very similar symptoms and because I read your web page - I immediately sought medical treatment and discovered that I had a 7 inch tumor in my colon. I had to have emergency surgery and did about 8 months of chemo. I love you because if I hadn't read about you - I'd probably be dead. Melinda

6-10-08: I'm in philly on business so I decided to check out local profiles. I saw yours and wanted to just say that you are very beautiful. I see that you are in a relationship, so I'm not hitting on you, but if you weren't in one, I would be ;) Brian

6-9-08: My goodness you are absolutely awesome Kalina! Such an inspiration for all of us, including "secret" t-girls like myself. kisses!!!! Charlee

6-7-08: You are amazingly gorgous! I would like to first ask you if you have other friends as wonderful looking as yourself? Joshua

4-27-08: Hello... Cupid called. He says to tell you I need my heart back. I hope you know CPR, cuz you take my breath away... Albert

4-25-08: Regardless of gender, you're one of the coolest people on the planet. And that ain't no bull, lady. And, if you're so inclined, you can quote me on that. Kirk Fields

4-16-08: Hi Kalina, You are soooooooooo beautiful and FUN! I watched some of your uTube videos and I think you are magnificent! How wonderful to be the REAL you in front of the world with such a huge collection of like minded people and admirers!!!! You soooooooooooo inspire me!! I'm in the midst of quite a life change right now. Having just lost my career I'm forced to consider a new life and right now, for the first time in my life, I'm seriously considering "coming out" and being the REAL ME! I want to be a girl soooooooooo deeply and dearly. Its who I have ALWAYS been in my heart and surely who I always will be. Your courageousness in coming out inspires me so much and almost makes me light headed with excitement! Thank you Kalina, for your gorgeous energy and fabulous feminine persona. You are a true hero in my book! Love with a HUGE chunk of adoration to boot, Aspen

4-5-08: i finally got around to see your youtube videos. you're very attractive kalina. Ron

4-2-08: Hi Kalina, may I first say that having seen your pix, I think you are a really beautiful young lady and if I wasn't several thousand miles away on the other side of the pond, I would be trying to persuade you to have dinner with me. Ho hum. I've just been looking at your web site and noticed the comment about no nude pix ever. I think it's a good decision to take. I have a friend who is a very beautiful TS escort based in Dublin. She also will not pose nude or semi nude for any photos. I've known her for 3 years and I've seen her naked on numerous occasions, but she will not pose nude even for me. I've also told her that she doesn't have to be completely naked to be sexy or enticing. She could wear a black plastic sack and still look desirable and I think the same about you. You look fab and really desirable and obviously have guys falling over each other to get to you - wish I could be one of them - so why would you need to show everything. I always find that a picture of a gorgeous woman wearing something that gives the hint of what is underneath is more sexy that someone completely nude. You definitely come into this category - really beautiful and giving the hint about what is to come. Apologies for the length of this message but I wanted to tell you how I felt about you. love, Tony

3-31-08: I think I love you....... You are a very happy, beautiful & desirable lady. Gene

3-27-08: Wow, I am loving what I am seeing. You look so smart and sharp, yet totally beautiful and VERY kissable. You are a Beautiful lady. wombat33

3-27-08: All i can say is you are BEAUTIFUL:) Thatiger23

3-27-08: Absolutely gorgeous with a great smile. gaiseric

3-26-08: Cute? Check! Flexible! Check! Nice smile? Check! Oh hunny you are going to have a lot of friends! SXFX

3-15-08: You're so cute!! hehe. I think you're more beautiful than most girls! With love, Lilly

3-13-08: Kalina, I am new to the group and live in Oklahoma City. All I can say is Philly is so lucky to have you. Integrity, Character, Morals are the words I think of after reading your last post. Keep up the good work. xoxoxo Julie

3-6-08: you have an angel face and great legs. not sure i'm in synch with the "no nudity ever" concept when it comes to you... other people i could agree that their nude pics should never see the light of day, but you .... just being honest ... i respect your policy and it's different ... but you are WAY beautiful. mowie_wowie33

3-5-08: well i'll be the talk of the town with a hottie like you standing next to me. you are probably one of the best looking girls in philly and just as a qualifier i'll add i am in college.... and girls include everyone from just out of school 18 year old freshmen to ben franklin's wife. Ish

2-28-08: Someone had this to say regarding my evolutions page: This is Kalina Isato, if you see her pictures today, you would say no way was she ever a boy! But at this link she takes you through her "Looks" from 1992 through 2000. Even she says some of these looks are hideous. She has some down-loadable how-to books & videos too. I've got one of them and it had some real good common sense advice. Tracy

2-20-08: I have run across your pictures while surfing the web. I just want to tell you how good you look! I wish that I lived closer so I could meet you in person. You are beautiful! corky

2-18-08: I LUV your bio on your profile showing your progression from the early times to now. Simply a wonderful job! I hope 2008 is off to a good start for u. Like fine wine, u r getting better every year! Lauren

2-13-08: So pretty. I must see you put on that lip gloss you wear a lot in one of your videos. Those are some very kissable lips. I bet you get a LOT of compliments! Dyakki

2-18-08: Oh my goodness... you are so so sexy and feminine. prettier than most of the girls i know. god. angie

2-10-08: Hi Kalina. Happy Birthday. You are very beautiful. You look like you are 20 years old. Maybe next year I go to see you in USA and you transform me into Julia for your Monday parties. Well, Happy Birthay, stay very beautiful, my greatest friend. Pablo, from Brazil

2-1-08: Happy 40 to you. You make 40 look lovely. Jayne

1-29-08: I wanted to say this personally to you: I've read your "intro" post. The more I read, the more I love your personality. Jacques

1-7-08: Kalina you are super hot. daidone

1-1-08: you GO girl!! You ARE the best at what you do...so no regrets for the new year...its NOT the date...its the attitude!! Lets have a BLAST in the new year! Kristin

1-1-08: kalina, what a spectacular smile you have...happy new year to you. johnb

1-1-08: Happy New Year!! I'm flattered that I could be an inspiration of any kind to anyone. You look great in the new 'do!! I hope you had a great time last night and have a awesome 2008. You are a gift. blessings Caleigh

12-29-07: I swear every new picture I see of you, you look more and more beautiful. Scott

12-26-07: Being such a nice girl might open doors in life very much, but being so beautiful surely opens heaven's door. Very bestest from Spain. Lv, Cristina

12-21-07: You are a very sweet person. And cute as hell too. Tony

12-14-07: I love your brows. They are so gorgeous. lauratgen

12-11-07: Kalina, enjoyed reading about you on your site and felt I would be remiss if I didn't drop you a line. I'm very impressed with your fighting spirit, competitive drive, and dedication. You've perfected a natural and absolutely beautiful look. Congratulations for your ongoing victory against cancer. I'm seriously considering a Spring appointment with you. Hopefully that will work out. Wishing you nothing but the best of luck in 2008. Kelly Rock

12-11-07: you're just unfeasibly beautiful... almost intimidating just to message you! armyfox

12-4-07: I seize the opportunity to congratulate you U R so cute and feminine.
Kisses. KT

11-23-07: Hello Kalina dear... I love your latest look... Actually, I love all your looks! In fact, this short hair makes your smile shine even more! I wish I could say all that directly in front of a good meal! Unfortunately, I'm so far away! I hope I'll cross your way on messenger again. It's a real pleasure to chat with someone as nice as you! Much, much love from Paris, Jacques

11-23-07: Love your style, love your look, love your voice, love your smile (oh, so much!), love your haircut, of course! ahoj7720

11-18-07: Hi Kalina, Just would like to say I love you, and thanks for your wonderful website and the great work you have achieved. Dennis

11-16-07: Dear Kalina - A couple of months ago, I discovered your website, and promptly ordered your makeover book and dvd. While I had been honoring my feminine side for years, your guidance and inspiration have taken me to a whole new level! • I am now going out regularly with my partner, mostly to dinner and the movies, but last weekend, a group of us went out for a night on the town, and it was the first time that I felt like I really passed. The restaurant we went to was exclusively straight, but really fun and open (what can I say, it's San Francisco). The couple next to us (visiting from San Diego) was amazed. And to top it off, it was the first time in years that I allowed my picture to be taken as Meilani. I have enclosed it (next to me is my wonderful and very supportive partner Greg), and hope that I have done you proud. • I could go on, but I just wanted to thank you so very much for your inspiration. You have truly made a difference in my life, and I hope our paths cross someday. With my fond aloha, Meilani Angelique

11-04-07: Dearest lovely beautiful Kalina, I wanna tell you that you're the most beautiful Girl in the whole world, you look so lovely, pretty and nice, a real dreamgirl! Thomas

11-02-07: you are damn hot. marcus

10-25-07: Hi Kalina, just found your website by chance. Keep up the great work girl, it's positive minded and self confident people like you that inspire others. I especially love your rants on crossdressers vs. transsexuals. I could not agree with you more ;) Peace, love and lots of happiness, Diana Lee

10-25-07: Just telling you I love you and all your efforts!! You really are special! Stay that way!! Time here is too short and I try to live each and every day as an adventure. I really am honored to meet you! Lacie

10-20-07: I think your website is fabulous. I can't wait to meet you and your friends. I love TS's. I check your site and blog almost daily to get the latest. Philly needs this. Colin

10-20-07: I do believe you're one of the more beautiful women I've laid eyes on. Scott

10-19-07: You will always be the hottest girl I know. Joey

10-12-07: I showed the picture of you in your corset and short hair style to my straight friend and he thought you were gorgeous. bob

10-7-07: I love you. colin

10-06-7: I think girls up here outta read up Kalina's websites, this babe knows her stuff. Trogdor

10-3-07: Dear Kalina, you are indeed a bodhisattva goddess! I have been dressing up for many years, and doing a decent enough job of it, but your books and DVDs have elevated both my confidence and skill to a completely new level. Thank you thank you thank you for your courage, leadership, inspiration, care and support. thanks! meilani in sf

10-3-07: Hi Kalina! Spectacular hairstyle at your last "Monday Night"! But one feature never changes on you: your smile! When I feel in low moods, I just have to watch any pic of you to fall for your smile! Much love, Jacques

09-25-07: Hi Kalina, It's John (Joanne) from Boston who was at the 9/17 T-Girls Monday Party!! Thank you very much for organizing the Monday night event. I found it very warm and welcoming and supportive. I hope it continues to flourish. Warm regards from the Boston area, Joanne/John

09-19-07: Hun you gotta model gosh you got good looking arms your all natural. 1luvhot

09-19-07: oh i love the winnie the poh... and I like that little dryer too... everything is so cute in your world, and your smile is like an egg white it is so clean and pure... iamtodhackett

09-19-07: I think you're one of the nicest T-gurls ever. :] Dyakki

09-19-07: I love how pretty your hair is and you are a living doll. Your pretty smile steals my heart each time I view your videos. semco72057

09-19-07: You are a DIVINE EMOTION! BELLISSIMA! passional2008

09-19-07: Kalina, you're so naturally attractive! jjirish

09-14-07: about a month or so ago on a monday night i was in philly staying at the doubletree. i walked down the block or so and went into some gay night club. the deaf ts chick was at the bar. you were sitting at a table with a bunch of girlfriends. i so badly wanted to come over to say hi but got nervous when I saw how damn gorgeous you are. god damn what a smile. your teeth are such a turn on. brian

09-10-07: Hi Kalina! Just wanted to say Hi! and thanks for everything :-D I still burst into a smile when I think about your party and the time I spent in Philly. Hope to meet you again! Hugs and kisses, Gina.

09-09-07: (an endorsement from a fan's blog site) "I met Kalina Isato on my very first femme outing. Assuming that with all the attention she receives, she wouldn't really have the time nor patience to deal with random fans. I was proved wrong when I said hello and how much of a fan I was. Kalina just smiled and took a photo of me and a few other girls and conversed with us a bit. She definitely is a sweetheart and a role model, not just for transgendered people, but all people." Jessica

08-29-07: I just wanted to say I enjoy your site. I think you are very pretty. I am a mtf transsexual planning on my SRS next year. Michelle

08-23-07: It was nice to meet you and your friends Monday night. I checked out your web site (and Misty's as well). You are a very fascinating lady, and lovely to boot! Regards. Richard

08-21-07: Kalina, it was good to see you again last night! I had a great time and love coming out to your parties! I hope to get back there again soon. I look forward to seeing the pics! Thanks, Shelly

08-21-07: I've always used to dress up since I was about 10. Thanks to your website, and some others, this past Sunday I went out for the first time ever. It was the best fun I've had in a long time. Thank you. Chris

08-21-07: I just love watching your monday night tgirls videos on youtube. Wish I lived closer so I could attend! Your a total doll and seem to be soo much fun. I am in total awe, YEAH! I would be honored if you added me as one of your friends. Hugs, Keri

08-10-07: Hi Kalina, I just wanted to say I enjoy your site and advice you have given on it from what I have read so far. I admire your positive outlook on life and beating the cancer. I have been trying to enjoy life and enjoy my femininity best I can. I have been through a lot in the past, but now try to live a positive outlook. Passing isn't easy even though some have told me I do but I know I don't. I can see reactions from people. but it doesn't upset me. I try my best with what I was born with. Anyway, I enjoyed your site and will see you around! Take care, Tina

07-24-07: First of all I need to say that I think you are beautiful and I admire and respect you and what you do for others. * How did I find out about you? Someone posted a link to a picture that included you into a forum I'm subscribed to. I followed the link and fell in love with the outfit that one lady was wearing, which I found out later was you. That is the cutest Christmasy outfit I've ever seen! * I've enjoyed looking at posted pictures and the videos on YouTube. Everyone seems so nice and having a good time. Best of luck in everything and honey, I wished I looked half as good as you all do! Sincerely, Kimberly Donohoe, FL

07-22-07: Kalina, I saw you last night at the laptop. You are every bit as lovely in person as your pictures would indicate. You seemed busy, and I was a little shy since it was my first time at any event like that. * I was the guy with the short hair and the red flowered shirt standing between the bar and dance area. As the night wore on, I got much more comfortable, and met and danced with a few of the ladies. * Angela even took my picture with one of the hottest ladies there. I hope to make it to some of your events in the future, and will be comfortable enough to introduce myself. Ed

07-18-07: Hi Kalina, I really just wanted to write and say thanks for a great night in Philly (6/25), hopefully not completely forgotten though. I had to get caught up on things or I would have emailed to say thanks sooner. The pictures I've seen from that night came out so well, I've never had any come out that well. Thanks again, Julia

07-10-07: Kalina, Had a wounderful time at Monday Night Tgirls. You and Carolyn were so sweet to invite me to breakfast. Had just a great time. Thank you so much. Terri

07-06-07: Hi Kalina, I am so wow impressed with your website I like that 100% and positive outlook we need more here in the UK. Sue Sheppard, UK

07-06-07: Kalina and Mary, Thanks for the pictures. You were a big help for me. I can't wait to practice with my make up. Pamela

07-04-07: Kalina is a beautiful TGurl with a fun personality. She does a great job with her You Tube shows. I'm crazy 4 her n truly enjoy glimpse of the TG world. Luv, Joe

06-24-07: loved your page, lots of great info and mounds of beautiful smiles. you are great at what you do and i commend you for that. and very very beautiful, yourself and your work. takecare. jay

05-17-07: Just started watching your youtube videos. You're totally cute. I am a str8 male, and would love to come to these parties, but I'm a bit shy. I need to work up the nerve! Keep it up. You seem very friendly and very cute. I feel like I know you. It's sweet......... Tom

2-28-07: Kalina you are so hot!!! Looks like you are having a real fun time. Would love to meet you some time. Liza

2-28-07: wow sexy video. Kalina you are the hottest tgirl of all. LeonelBarron

In response to a "What do you look like without any makeup on?" challenge:

09-28-06: I'm normally into the heavy made up look. But, you know, there's something very, very sensual and sexy about all natural. It's like waking up in the morning to someone your into and looking at her in her bare beauty. What a turn on. Great Pics, Kalina, as always that beautiful smile shines through. kramtime

09-28-06: Bravo Kalina... And thank you... The smile is illuminating and the soul is beautiful! You're a great lady, with or without make-up! xact

09-28-06: All you girls look beautiful, especially Kalina who without makeup still looks phenomenal. Hing

09-28-06: I think you look great, Kalina, with or without makeup (but you already knew that!). Ecstatic

09-28-06: In my humble opinion, with or without makeup, Kalina is the kind of girl who may not have any problem to find boyfriends. JeanClaude

"Had I not seen you in person a few times I would have a hard time believing your pictures. You are just that feminine." -Tim

"Hope you are having a great day. Just visited your web site and wanted to say I'm soooo impressed. Keep it up and good luck!!" -Jamie

Dear Kalina -- I've formerly lived in Philadelphia (1992-2002) and occasionally came across your website -- you really have evolved into quite the local resource !! The information you provide is really great, and you seem like an incredibly together person. (Although you must be chronically sleep-deprived from all that partying!) Sandy

Dear Kalina, I am Katy, French tg and I love your website, your experience and progress. I am married with 2 kids and I am 47 years old. I seize this opportunity to get in touch with you and to request information. I would like to spend a week end dressed up with the help of a transformation services if there is or an association. If you can help me please let me know. Kisses and once again congratulations, Katy

First let me start with how truly beautiful you are.A true classic look. Thanks 4 the great website and I wish you (and your friends) all the best and positive futures. Luv ya, Joey

Kalina, Thank you so much for getting back to me - you definitely made my day! I think you made my week, month, and Spring as well! You made me feel really good about everything through your nice comments. I'm extremely impressed by your master's in computer science. That's a very difficult degree to earn; I know you definitely had to work real hard, memorizing programming languages and such. I admire you for your beauty obviously (you're hotter than the surface of the sun, haha I'm lame), but I really like the fact that you are down-to-Earth and talk to average people like me. Congratulations on all of your achievements, and thank you very much again for your reply! Chad

We are totally smitten with u! ;) What a Baby-Doll u r. Rachael and Vincent

I just wanted to tell you thanks. I can't remember how long ago I found transvamp.com but it has really helped me in understanding and accepting me. Cassie

Kalina, you're a very beautiful lady. Howie

Hi Kalina, I am very impressed by how truly feminine your looks are. I am a TG girl who has only started dressing recently and how I wish I could look as natural as you , hon. I wish I have the courage to get out of the closet and have a hectic social like you as a girl. Maybe , one day my dream will come true. Hope to learn some beauty tips from you and learn from your experience to enjoy my girly side. Hugs & kisses, Caroline

Hi, my name is Dean. I am a 38 yr old, asian male living in Honolulu, Hawaii. I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how beautiful I think that you are. I read your "about me" and admire that you are living your life to the fullest even after your cancer diag. With Regards, Dean

I looked on your site to view the pictures for the club crawl. You look absolutely gorgeous! Zulene

Hey sexy, I saw your profile, website and I think you are striking! Xavier

1) You are absolutely beautiful!
2) Your pics on your website are the best I have ever seen
3) A pic of me can be found on your website. I'm wearing the blue shirt.
4) It would be an honor to meet you again.

I would love to hear back from you. I attended the Shangrila this past month and had a great time. Angela is terrific. I hope to get up there this month on the 16th but I am still recovering from minor back surgery. You are wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Yours, David

Dear Ms. Isato, thank you for offering this very informative website. You've answered a lot of vexing questions with straightforward, logical advice. Your personal photo section is chock full of gorgeous poses. You are very attractive and your best feature is that radiant smile. I'll bet your personality matches that glowing face. Thanks again for your work on this site, it's great. Best Regards, Alan

Dearest Kalina, I saw your profile on the URNA web page and just had to drop you a quick note. OMG, WOW, WOW, WOW. What an absolutely fabulous looking lady. Simply Irresistible. That perky short hairdo fits your face so well. I just love those piercing eyes and those luscious lips. Your ever present smile just lights up your face so much. You also have an absolutely fantastic looking body. You are oh so feminine, sexy, sultry yet very classy and elegant. You have got to make GGs sooooo jealous when you walk into a room. I am simply floored by your grace and beauty. A gorgeous looking doll. Hugs and more, Michael

Kalina I have to say I have always like genetic girls and always will and I was always curious about tgirls, but since i have met you I am like wow you are awesome. Tim

I thought my ex was pretty... but you... oh my... Robert

Kalina has to be one of the most beautiful ladies in the world. KevDenver

While you look amazing in your photos, they do no justice to your beauty in real life. Xander

Thanks to you, I'm now living as a woman after 33 years of boring male life. AdrianaG

Great website, you look fantastic! Keep up the good work. Dan

Hey Kalina, I saw you at Shangri La (on Angela's nights). You have been a real inspiration for me; keep up the beautiful work! Love, Vicki

Wow, Kalina. You look just as stunning with or without makeup. TallKen

You are a girl... better looking than 95% of all GGs. VaBill

Your smile is perfect! Like the sun! I fell in love with your smile! Mary20

Kalina, may I say that I have admired your incredibly captivating beauty for quite a while. you are a goddess. SexyDaddyinNoHo

Hi Kalina, I changed the wording on my urnotalone profile, adding a short paragraph specifically about your website and your books. I wanted to do it because it is a fact that your books have helped me a great deal. I read them and reread them, learning something new each time. Thanks again for the help you have given me through your products, and I do intend to buy more in 2006! Kimberly

Kalina, I just wanted to say that it was great meeting you the other night at Ina's Silver Swan. Have to admit, your pictures are great, but you look way better in person. Take care. Nelson

Saw you tonight at TG@L2. I just wanted to say hi and say that in person you are absolutely stunning! I hope to hang out more in the future so I'm sure I'll see you around Philly. I'm so glad Kat finally talked me into going out; it was my first time ever. I had a great time. Thanks so much! Tiff

Hi Kalina, a big warm hug for you, thanks! This is completely unsolicited, your books and DVD have helped me immensely! You have given me some new confidence in myself, I may never be completely passable (unless I get some much needed plastic surgery) but I am much happier with myself! Hugs, Tammie

Hey Sweetie, Thanks for your sweet note in my guestbook. You're a lovely example of what's good in our community. You go, GF. Hugs, Renee Reyes

Hi Kalina, First, I am a big fan of yours - gorgeous! Erin

I like your profile, and you look outrageously beautiful. Let me know whenever you are in DC, I will buy you a Martini. Cheers, Ben

Hi Kalina, My name is Veronica and I am new to this website and simply trying to make friends with inspiring people. You have been such a great help, I purchased your book "The Art of Gender Illusion" and I found it to be very informative. I am continually trying to look more feminine and passable and in the near future hope to have a makeover at "Awesome Makeovers". I hope we can become friends. Love, Veronica Ann Lacy

Hi Kalina: I found your site to be very informative and well done. I wanted to include some praise for your web site to encourage people to read it, and I thought it might be better to OMIT the fact that you're absolutely gorgeous, very sexy and classy, because I did not want my readers to think I was sending them to one more site with just pictures of models. Samantha

Wow, I spent the better part of the morning looking at every page on your website... I have seen the pictures of you at Laptop and spoke to my friend KatieWannabe about how lovely you are. Congratulations on all that you are and do. You are an amazing woman. I wish I had started being what I want to be when I was young I am sure you are awere how hard it is when you are older. You Impress me and I think I have learned more about center city nightlife from you than anyone, and I live in Center City, sigh. Best, Tom

Hi Kalina, I've been a fan of yours for some time. You are absolutely stunning. Hugs, Lisa

Hi Kalina, First I want to thank you and commend you for producing such an interesting and informative site. As I am sure you are aware, such sites are few and far between. While I find you tremendously attractive, my desire to meet you stems more from how impressed I am by your intelligence and humor than by my attraction to your sexy eyes and killer smile. Take care, Hugh

I am an avid admirer and just want to say..."I looove you Kalina..." because you said I had to :-))No1 Because I wanted to. I'm half a world away so not much chance to meet up with you. I'l have to settle for the regular updates. You have a great site. have a great weekend. See you some day maybe. Mike XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXxx

I love you Kalina! :-) Just dropping a line to say that your website is really perfect. I mean, great design and great content. Some wonderful stuff there. As an admirer I love to see tgirls having such a wonderful community in Philadelphia. I will definitely visit the places you mention whenever I get near Philadelphia. Anyway, keep up the good work and have fun. Love and kisses, Ferrie

Hi Kalina, I checked out your pictures from last weekend's TG conference and thought you looked great -- you really do shine with that simple tank/jeans look. It shows off your shoulders which you know always attract attention, and the simplicity (and tightness) of the jeans lets your body really stand out. I think the overall simplicity and the bare shoulders also highlight your face which you know is also a huge attraction. Eric

Just wanted to say How much i liked your website. Take care Phoebe

Kalina, It was a pleasure getting to meet you during the recent IFGE conference in Philly. Continued success in all your endeavors. Monica

hey there gorgeous girl.. you have been looking even more stunning in recent photos. keep puttin em up.. ur fans love it... Patsy

Kalina, you're such a class act! I have enjoyed your photos so much on the transvamp site. Oh my! You are something, totally lovely, what a woman. Marty

Hi whats up? I saw you on here and couldnt resist from saying hi. You are wow... just so beautiful! You seem cool too which is a major plus! Its also very attractive to see a successful woman as well. I would love to chat and get to know you more. Hope all is good hun and that your having a great weekend. Darren

You have a million dollar smile. TheSwine

I just looked at your newest photo and you look like those girls I grew up with! Amazingly beautiful!!! Natural... that is why your current hair style works so well on you. It's natural and stunning at the same time. Your voice is sexy I confess. Bless you for your wonderful beauty. Malheur

Hi Kalina: Thanks for responding so swiftly. I absolutely will say hello to you next time....you are quite attractice and of course you are right, you don't look at all like a t-girl..... I enjoyed your smile from afar....you seem to have a light spirit which I'm attracted to in people! I suppose I will look for upcoming parties on your site... Anyway, nice to have met and chatted a bit with you!! :-) XOXO, Matthew

Hi Sexy Kalina, You look really fine. . . Mike

You are amazingly gorgeous. You're the best, honey. The absolute best in Philly. JoeyNPhilly

Kalina, you have a beautiful smile and eyes that sparkle; not to forget about a GREAT body. lat

It's a joy to look at and rate your pictures.And as far as what your doing,what ever it is it works for you. There is so many things about your pictures I love. Let's start with your smile,it's awsome. Keep up the good work, Jason

Hi Kalina, I had the pleasure of meeting you Saturday at Angela's Laptop Lounge. You came over and asked me to dance with your group. I have seen you at her party before and you are truly beautiful and a nice person. Thanks, Pat

Hi Kalina, hope life is treating you well. There just aren't any tgirls as sexy as you down here in DC. John

When I first saw your picture, I said that this was the most beautiful Asian woman I've ever seen in my entire life! Alice (a genetic girl)

I have to say....my oh my what a good lookin gal ya are,whatever your doing keep doing it. Levi

you have to be one of the coolest/ sweetest people that i have met in a loooong time. ;) i truly hope we can develop a great friendship. Xander

Kalina, you have the most amazing figure on earth... and the million dollar smile... God... what a combination. MagicMan

Allow me to congratulate you on your lovely appearance! If I hadn't known from your homepage description, I would have taken you for a genetic female, and a very attractive one at that! Bianca

There are two things Philadelphia is known for... cheesesteaks and Kalina. Heather

I think 1) you are way out of my league and 2) you're too pretty for me to talk to without being an idiot. You look better than most GGs. Talthan

In real life, I wasn't expecting you to look as good as your pictures. In fact, you look better than your pictures and more femme. Tim

wow u r sooooo gorgeous. dj touche

Well, I've been thinking about it and I think I know why, for starters, you have a captivating smile that, in it self, will make the hardest, grumpiest person smile. But its when I read your profile that I smile uncontrollably. According to your description of yourself, you've gotta be the coolest, sweetest, most down to earth person in the world. And you give back to the TG community by helping new women find their outter beauty, you take new girls out and show them around and whats up so they're less likely to ha ve problems or be taken advantage of, you volunteer your time to fundraisinng events, you give to charities, you've taken your battle with cancer, a very negative event, and turned it into something positive. I think most people wou ld sit around and say "why me" when they get sick and "thank god thats over with" when they get well and not think about helping others afflicted with the illness, but thats not you. Not only are you the most decent, non-selfish TG person I know (well I dont really know you) but, you're the most decent, non-selfish PERSON period. Reading your profile leaves me with such a positive feeling & reasurement that there are still really good people around tha t I smile from ear to ear for hours. I wanted to try to volunteer my time to the TG community afew years back but most people at the outreach programs I approached were kinda sceptical because I'm a guy, guess they thought I had ulterior motives and I do, I wanted to show girls that there are people that actually care and I wanted to make a difference. Anyway back to you... I want you to know that this message is not about me hitting on you, its about how you made me feel good without ever even meeting you. Kalina, I think you truly are a special & incredible person. Take care Kalina. Much love, David.

I jsut notced that u added me (as a friend) and I wanted to say thank you very much I feel honored. You are lookin good as ever mami. shayjay

genetic girls are over rated and cannot even compare to YOU KALINA. and I am not just talking about how genetically gifted YOU are either. I am talking about YOU, YOUR mindset YOUR whole persona. plus YOU have those gorgeous asian legs and skin tone to die for. who would want to fuck around with a paris hilton. major turn off after ten minutes of talking to her. i would want to ring that broads neck after 10 mins of exposure to her bourbonman88

Gosh Kalina, You have such an aluring aura, and a warm smile that points to an open heart. I really think that you make this world a better place. You really ARE part of the solution! Thank you for all the work you do to unite and support the community. I hope to see your smile in person at L2. xox Wonton1

Wow, you stand out in every photo you're in. God, you look like a movie star. You could do toothpaste commercials with that smile... incredible. I think you are the sexiest woman on the planet. Mike

I've seen your picture everytime I log on. You are really beautiful. I'd love to talk to you sometime. AHC

damn u look good...very very sexy ;) Pablo

Hey, just wanted to say a quick hello and introduce myself. My name is Steven and I live in DC. You have a great look and obviously a wonderful personality from you description. Hope to h ear from you, Steven

You are sooo cute and sexy. I really love the pic of you with the white top and black lace and Lauren is gorgeous, but you have a more natural beauty. James

Hey there, I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful web site... I haven't gone too far through it, but it is very inspiring. jessika

you must be the sexiest girl in the milky way. you look so much more pretty than a gg. you are so feminine. quinten

i just like to say i wish i knew about your site a lot earlier. it has very good information and useful tips. I never knew there was so many clubs that catered to the tg admirer. i am in iraq now for the second time but i will make my way back home to pa. and i will surely hit the clubs then. again i want to thank you very much for this web site. love it. Rafael

Wow, how are you? I swear you got the nicest body and skin I've ever seen. rapidin

You are absolutely beautiful. rokenbk97

Hey Kalina, this is Chad from tonight at Angela's laptop thing. I wanted to thank you for talking to me and spending so much time with me tonight. I thought you would just say hi and that's it, but you introduced me to people and made me feel more comfortable. I had a great time, and I apologize if I was answering the wrong questions or making irrelevant comments (the music was a little loud for conversation!). You're an awesome person! Again, I just want to thank you for spending so much time with me tonight - that's one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me! I hope you had a good night too! Talk to you later, Chad

Hey there Kalina, I was looking across your website once again and you are right - if we TGirls don't get out there and show ourselves then we can't complain. You and others have done much for many but the community must stand on its own too. I've been dressing for years and often don't worry about passing or not and use to go anywhere at anytime, then marriage then kids then responsibility kept me away. Well I can't stay away but my time is limited so I can't get out everywhere but I do get out at least once a week and I do bounce from place to place and often prefer the bar scene over the club scene (if there is a noticeable difference - I'm not a great dancer). I will be around, may get divorced over it, but I will do my part with regard to putting myslef out there. I just wish I had more finances and time to help more and get out more. Well good luck and thank you for being inspirational. Tammyrae

Holy smokes, you're drop dead gorgeous. collegeboi

you are truely an inspirational person. i wish i could have half the confidence you have. also your website is truely amazing. thank you for posted all the stuff that you have on there. cali

you have the prettiest face, nicest smile, and best body on the planet. Jason

I just wanted to say that you have the most beautiful smile. MichaelAurora

Awesome pics... wow... you are beautiful... electric smile... lights up the picture... hard to see anyone but you... and my Lord, you look good in jeans... wow. Jeans aren't for everyone... lots of really good-looking women don't look soo hot in them... but you look incredible.... irresistable. You are probably the most gorgeous girl online... on the planet... no shit. Phil

Hello Kalina, Just wanted do to say that you are beautiful. You look amazing in your pictures, you are too gorgeous. David

I just wanted to thank you. Your site was the first I found on the net that gave me hope. Megan

Nice to see the wonderful services you make available to other girls. Philly is blessed to have you. sensualman4u

Hi Kalina... just wanted to say I'm a big fan of yours... you are beautiful. Jasonlee

Wow! You are really, really hot! Definitely a Super Cutie as your site claims. aliveinDC

Wishing you all my best for Valentine's Day. Your beauty and personality radiate as a beacon to all you help. Stay well and safe. Hugs, Lee

Kalina, you are so gorgeous! I remember seeing your website several years ago and I can see how you've become even prettier and sexier. femmyboi

Just saw your profile pic and had to comment... you look amazing! LovesGirlyBois

Kalina: In addition to all the wonderful things already said, you were an inspiration as Jacqueline emerged! Would love to someday meet for a transvamp makeover! Jacqueline

Kalina Isato, I have to say you are a great looking lady. Jimmy

Hi Kalina, I just discovered your site this afternoon and find I can't tear myself away from it. You have a nice mix of photos and well written information. I'm also a BU grad and spent many fun years in Boston. What a great city to go to college in. I get there occasionally to visit and always enjoy being back. Nancy

Hi there! I just came across your website and I think you are beautiful. Excellent web site - keep up the great work! Jeff

Good evening, Kalina, So sorry to have missed wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season on time. Just a quick note to say "Hi" and write how memorable your smile is. Wishing jusy once to find the time to get to Philadelphia and see you in person. Hugs, Lee

Hi Kalina, Hope your well. Hope the holidays have been good to you. Really enjoyed your website. I think T-girls are just very beautiful and sexy in appearance even more so than ladies out there today. Sam

I think you live an incredible life. I've just begun to start mine and just want to let you know what an inspiration you are. Jessica

Hi Kalina, Say Cheese-cake! Love your smile hon :D And this is completely unsolicited, I think I have learned a lot from your DVDs and books, thank you!! Hugs, Tammie

you have the most beautiful smile, and i have to say the best body i have ever seen. alyjohn

hi kalina, my name is leo, i just wanted to tell you how wonderful you look!! wow!! leo

Kalina, damn girl, you've got to have one of the best smiles I've ever seen! Ecstatic
She does! It was one of the first things I noticed when I met her. Kalina is a very lovely lady. Monica Foxx

I just wanted to say you've been an inspiration to me. I am a Asian TG girl too, non-op and I live in Los Angeles. Thanks and Happy Holidays! Vanessa

I've read your profile. You're a pretty girl and you're a good girl! Stay as you are: natural. After plastic surgery, most girls end up looking the same... Same nose, same chin, same breasts... xact

I like the photo [of you wearing the beach top], just goes to show that real good-looking girls do not need makeup, you're a doll. arizonaheat

You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and I am incredibly picky!! TNtraveler

I have seen you on here over time and I just wanted to pass a hello to a Philly neighbor and say I think you're very good looking. sparky

I enjoyed looking thru your website! You are extremly attractive! Ray

my honest opinion is you're the cutest and most feminine of all the other ladies on your site. you have this radiant beauty, especially when you smile. kafka

Hi Kalina, First, i must say your honesty, loving personality, happiness and true sincerity exudes from that fabulous smile of yours. Michael

Hi Kalina, I was web browsing and came across this site. I just had to comment to you just what a beautiful person you are. The really cool thing is that from what I read it appears that you are just as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. There aren't many people in this nasty world that I can say that about...but my first impression is that you are. You made me smile today! Bob

Dear Kalina Isato, I have just happened upon your website. I prefer to say that you are indeed beautiful, and seem to be a very nice and sincere lady. I read about your illness, and hope you are fully recovered. Best wishes. Peter

Hey there Girl - We haven't met yet and I can no longer match your style but I totally agree, enough of the hiding. The Gurls that talk about getting out and don't are a waste of my time too. After 20 years of dressing public I can hold my own but the desk job and sympathy weight for 2 children that has not been lost kill the Beauty Pageant title I held back in 1994 - Miss Karoline's Oasis in Manhatten. Nonetheless I have finally worked out the details with my wife and have been getting out. You website is great and I wish you the best of the best. I have thought of rejoing Ren. too but have not found time for a meeting. I was in MOTG back a few years ago and am friends with Diane Saurer and have recently met Rebecca Lohr from Ren at L2. Take care - Hugs, Tammy

Hi,, I just found your site today. I do understand about growing in your look, as I look much different now than I did when younger. I will probably never be passable, but now live in a situation where I can please myself and dress when I want. I have enclosed a recent photo. I don't think it is to bad for a 54yr old "lady". Actually better than some old gg's I know. Not up to your standards, but thanks for a very encouraging site. Lrae

Ok- I am emailing. Loved your site! Love your pics- you are gorgeous! Also- loved your piccs of friends in Boston - love to meet some of them. Dennis

Kalina, excellent site, your clarity and confidence have the power to set confused boys like me free from duplicity, to allow them to stand up on their own and get their shit together. Your words cut right to the heart of the issue: love, responsibility, and respect vs warped sexual utilitarianism. i want to thank you for telling it like it is, and for being a postive and healthy model for others. truth not flattery: gorgeous, gorgeous! attractive and intoxicating all around! many blessings. sincerely, david