TransVamp has a levels system to help you determine if a particular book is right for you. The different levels - foundation, intermediate, and advanced - are applicable to both crossdressers and transsexuals and represent your own self-developed skills and experience presenting yourself as a woman in public. This scale is not intended to be used as a ranking system, but rather as a guide to your progress in your journey from crossdresser to transsexual. I hope you will get a better understanding of my levels system by the time you finish reading this page.


Level 1 is the Foundation Level. This level is for:

• Crossdressers who have very little skill and experience with makeup or transformation and have almost no skill and experience dressing as a woman in public.

• Crossdressers and transsexuals who may not have a strong foundation in beautification skills and desire a thorough understanding of the basics.

If you are unsure of your level, start with the books in Level 1 to build your foundation.


Level 2 is the Intermediate Level. This level is for:

• Crossdressers and transsexuals who have a thorough understanding of makeup and usually have between two to five years of skill and experience presenting themselves as women in public.

A thorough understanding means you keep abreast of the latest beauty trends and try to incorporate new colors and techniques into your skillset, not reuse outdated skills that don't quite work with your look. You are starting to blend into crowds and want to learn more transformation skills to improve your passability. Most girls fall into this category even if they have much more than five years of actual experience presenting themselves as women, since much of that time may not have been in public. Their skills are "almost there," but not sharp yet.


Level 3 is the Advanced Level. This level is for:

• Crossdressers and transsexuals who have an advanced level understanding of makeup and transformation and usually have between five to ten years of skill and experience presenting themselves as women in public.

• Crossdressers who take their image very seriously.

• Transsexuals who take their deep stealth status very seriously.

At this level, your makeup skills are razor sharp. You take youe beauty and presentation skills very seriously and have little problem blending into society in the day or at night. This level might be considered the beginning of deep stealth training for some. It is knowing how to look and dress appropriately for a given situation and not violating any unwritten rules of conduct when placed in certain situations. A small percentage of girls from Level 2 move on to Level 3. Perhaps 10% of all tgirls are at this level. Most crossdressers never reach this level due to physical limitations. It's not about how sexy or cute you look; it's about how real you are.

To be able to reach Level 3 is a very commendable achievement. So many girls have tons of experience going out in public, but still miss those finer points that would take their presentation to a whole new level. That's where my books come in. I provide you with the necessary tools to fill in those gaps so you could become the woman you were meant to be.

I am never content with being average in anything I do, so it is with great pride that I say that my look is not about being a sexy crossdresser or a sexy drag queen or even a sexy transsexual, but rather a beautiful woman. In many cases, being sexy rarely translates to being passable and being passable is an art that perhaps 5% of all tgirls ever achieve. Many of you might scoff at my very harsh assessment of how passable some of you are, but keep in mind that my hard-ass ways have turned out many passable yet shockingly beautiful women who were born in the wrong body. I'm quite serious about looking good and I hope you are, too.

Some girls, because of physical, mental, social, and even environmental situations, will never progress beyond a certain level, but it is always best for them to strive to be the best at their current level and someday they might move into the next level without even knowing it! Some of my full-time transsexual friends tell me stories about how they are ridiculed every day by strangers who cannot accept them as women. I wish they had listened to me at the start of their transition instead of moving forward so quickly and aggressively.

The physical, mental, and social aspects of being a woman are the three things that all of my readers, followers, and devotees strive to master in order to be the best woman they can be. These three things allow or help others to accept us completely as women. None is more important than the others and all three work in unison to create a total image that transcends the look of your average transgender woman. Perfecting all three is a lifelong process.

Start the series by reading Secrets to an Awesome Makeover and How to Look Like a Woman and you will establish a strong foundation of skills that you can grow from there.

Remember to always strive to be the best in everything you do. This is the fundamental belief inherent in all of my books and if you make that tenet your own, you will be successful at everything you do.

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